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Compass games ?


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Is there any interest in a gps Lat/Long to a

known location then about 4 legs of compass

work to the cache.There would be small

ground markers at the pivot points to help

keep on track.My view is that Geocaching

could involve more than just a GPS and using

a compass only for the final bearing.

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I agree with Luxom. Please specify grid/true/magnetic when specifying the azimuths. You state that there will be an identifiable turning point at the end of each leg. I don't know how you will implement this, but I think it would make it a better search. I tried to locate a cache in Alabama that had you find a tree stump as a starting point (only one of many in the area) and then had you go on a specified azimuth for a given distance, determine your new location and do a math problem to determine a new direction and distance to the final cache. Bottom line, is I had to mark this one as a big 'did not find'


Madog "Discover of America, ca 1169"

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your possible answers aren't bias or anything... (shaking my head)


I wouldn't mind a final leg or a single leg tossed in but if I want to do compass work I'll hit the trail and do a back woods walk-a-bout. You don't need a cache to pick a place to navigate to.

I better explain better, I prefer to compass to a place no one or hardly anyone else has been to.

And a GPSr is to go where someone has been.

....or for getting my dumb butt un-lost.


I DO love a topo map and a compass, some rations, water, and ME.


So my answer is all screwed up and I don't know what I like.... ???!!!... and that is my final answer.


** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.

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We've incorporated compass work into several of our Moondog3 caches. On multi-stage caches it is a great way to break up the routine of going from one waypoint to the next, and provides a fun and enjoyable challenge. Most compass work can be done with your GPS. Longer waypoint projections, greater than 1/10 mile, work better because the accuracy of the degrees for the bearing line offset the inherint accuracy problems with the GPS at shorter disatnces.


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I like them and have planted one of them. It has not been visited too often, not because of the compass part entirely, its only 3 miles from the road and about 1800 ft. in elevation gain.

Someday I'll get back up there and reactivate it, and then I'm going to do one or two more of them when spring time arrives.

Here is the one that requires some compass knowledge to find.



Tahosa - Dweller of the Mountain Tops.

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A cache like this would be very similar to what many letterboxes are like. Cool idea! Perhaps instead of ground markers, you could use features that are are already there, like signs, benches, boulders, etc. as your pivot points.


I have a few "O-caches" that require the use of a map or aerial photo to find the cache:


Miss Pumpkin's O-Cache: The Original!


Driving Miss Tandy O-Cache


Miss Pumpkin's O-Cache III(This Cache Won't Float)


"Legacy of the Geo-Gathering" O-Cache II



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We really enjoy using our compasses whenever

possible(several Silva orienteering ones and

a Brunton 8099).I would like to have placed

some caches in my area using compass legs,but

I think most people prefer to go to Wally World

and purchase a gpsr and plug in the coords.

Web-ling your caches that include aerial photos

are nice.I spend a fair amount of time on Terra-

server myself.There is alot of information that

can be gleaned from aerial photos.




We are in it 'for the hunt'.

We are much more interested in finding the cache container than its contents.


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