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  1. I have seen that message on another software package. It was caused by the different ways various versions of windows treats spaces in directory names. Try installing it in a directory with NO spaces in the name. like this... C:/ForerunnerLogbook not like this... C:/Forerunner Logbook
  2. http://www.bicimapas.com.mx/Mapas_GPS_Magellan.htm shows samples of some custom maps, They even teach a course in how it is done. Also there is a Yahoo Group called "mapsend_format" for creatng Mag maps.
  3. Actually the free cgpsmapper will do POI's, but is limited in the address or lookup feature??? I have placed them in some of my maps and call up the closest POI's of a given type in my gps and there they are! More rules = Less fun! [/url]
  4. Forgot to say that all the above info and products are free! More rules = Less fun! [/url]
  5. quote:Originally posted by miketree:I have a Garmin Venture GPSr & would like to take advantage of the POI memory. I would like to put my own POIs. Does anyone know of any software that can do this? YES the apps that make custom maps for Garmin GPSr's will also make only POI's for non map models. you will need: "cgpsmapper" for the IMG creation and "sendmap" to transfer to the GPS. available at http://gps.chrisb.org/ Also I would recomend getting "Mapedit" which uses the cgpsmapper to do its magic in a graphical format, and has many import features for the waypoints to POI you would need. http://kgy.narod.ru/util/mapedit/mapedit_e.htm How to links: (may be a bit outdated, since new features are developing fast) http://www.gpsinformation.net/gpsmapper/gpsmapper.htm http://www.keenpeople.com/geocaching/custom.shtml http://www.gpsnuts.com/Ozi/OziMCJohnG/vector.html More rules = Less fun! [/url]
  6. quote:Originally posted by Clffhngr:A crude line drawing is not a topo map!! Agreed! it takes alot more than lines. quote:And most of those packages will allow you to draw a trail or the outline of "something". Agreed! but there are more ways and combinations than are listed to create the data from different sources. that was what made it hard to learn to make the maps. everyone making them had thier own approch and choice of tool combinations. quote:You might even be ahead of Lewis and Clark, way ahead quote: but to say that you can load Topo maps! NOT ! I never said I can load a topo maps? but I have used them for som detail.what was said by others was.. quote:While the maps don't have great topo line detail I get mine from DEM data and convert with one of 3 GIS software to shp files then imported to my maps as elevation contours. I get SHP files from Gvt water resources which gives me rivers, streams, lakes, county names and shapes, city names and shapes. POI's are waypoint data that can be found in alot of places. It makes for a huge amount of data and detail for a map. quote:And from what I read you may need three different software applications, and a great deal of time. I welcome any information that would allow me to load topo maps other then Garmins Topo. Yes if I wanted to plot a trail and load that plot these will work. Draw the outline of a lake, these will work. Load a Topo Map? Please someone tell me how it is done. "It's a dull mind that spells a word one way" another good way is here Technically it is possable!, even if you don't like the result or amount of work it takes ( one leads to the other), Else GPSr don't work if it is not within 3 cm accurate and drives you there. seriously if you want to learn how, I can give you more links and such, email me. More rules = Less fun! [/url]
  7. quote:Originally posted by Bobthearch:If you buy a Garmin unit, the only maps you can load onto the unit are Garmin MapSource. While the maps don't have great topo line detail, they do have roads, drainages, mines, and many other features This is not true, for a while now garmin custom maps are being created all over the world to show what ever we want them to. See here and here and here and lots more discussion in this forum. {search for garmin custom} I have made many for myself and sent them to my vista, emap, and map76s without using a maprource product to do it quote: . Same thing with the Magellans. The only maps you can actually upload to the GPS are the ones from Magellan. Happy shopping, Bob Again not true, while I don't use a Magellan I have friends that are finally able to create maps using 2 methods. This is a fairly new development, which is discussed extensivly on a yahoo group called "mapsend_format" With technology evolving so rapidly, never say "never" More rules = Less fun! [/url]
  8. quote:Originally posted by lytram:Thanks Jamie, I've since found what looks like a good prospect on FUGAWI. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks again If you get FUGAWI and they don't have the maps you want, FUGAWI can import DRG topo maps. I can tell you where to get those. More rules = Less fun!
  9. quote:Originally posted by 360minnesota:Makes me wonder if there is some residual on the computer from when the trial version expired... For instance, when I uninstall the program, delete all the files, and re-install, it still knows my registration information without re-entering it. I suspect some Registry entry hasn't been updated which is preventing the modification to the LOC file... This is driving me nuts! Could be, I had some issues long ago when I registered ExpertGPS and tech support sent me a tiny prog that fixed the old install then reinstalled. Contact them and they can hook you up. More rules = Less fun!
  10. quote:Originally posted by MotorBug:Sigh, I am the 10% that doesn't get this one. I cut and paste coordinates into it and nothing happens. I tried the so-called solutions from the thread Getting Started:Address converts to coordinates. But nothing there looks like the numbers on the geocaching home page. Obviously missing something. This would be a handy tool if someone can straighten me out on it. Thanks. Run GeoCalc in the box labled "Coordinate String" copy and paste this N 32° 39.513 W 097° 02.661 then hit the "go" button and watch the magic. BTW Thanks fizzymagic More rules = Less fun!
  11. I just looked at my WorldMap compaired to the garmin sites map viewer this is the best detail I could get from the CD as compaired to the viewer egypt still better than a blank GPS More rules = Less fun!
  12. I use spinner to transform my GPX files, and since I did not want mine transformed like you wanted (which was the default setting), I altered the config to do the transformations I wanted with out too much trouble. More rules = Less fun!
  13. quote:Originally posted by John S Flowers:When I pull in Locations (food & drink, etc) from MapSource and other Topo map cds, I get a detailed description of the place, the address, the phone number and so forth. What kind of format are these files in? How is it they can pull in description info and the Loc files can't? Those are POI or Points of Interests, and while the mapsource data sent to the GPS is a proprietary format... thier strangle hold is over! maps and POI can now be made and sent to the GPS. BUT it is quite a bit of work, and saving cache info in POI would not hold enough info for each cache and would be subject to constant change as new caches are placed and old ones archived, and you could only update the found POI(caches) from the PC not the GPS. More rules = Less fun!
  14. quote:Originally posted by tdmcfall:can't get EasyGPS to work (crashes my machine when I try to download to the GPS) If you have any ideas on the EasyGPS problem, let me know. Win 98SE on a HP6880C which usually works fine on stuff.... Now to get EasyGPS working..... Do you have a PDA which uses the same port? if so (disable/stop) the software. You may not have the correct Comm port selected? com1 com2 com3 or com4 are the usual choices. Im not aware of ether crashing a machine but would keep the transfer from working. The easyGPS author does read the fourms here, but if he misses it... contact him thru his site I found him to be verry helpful. More rules = Less fun!
  15. quote:Originally posted by TJ-Tigger:I am going to Monterrey next week and can't find maps for my GPS V or PC. Are there any online sites? I made a GPS map for Cozumel my site My friend makes GPS maps of bike trails in different parts of mexico Bicimapas Paper & digital maps for mexico are available at INEGI More rules = Less fun!
  16. quote:Originally posted by vetenskapsman:Of course I'd like more street detail for Japan but this will be so much better than, well, nothing. -v if you are interest in a few cities and not the whole country, you can make your own maps Beware it is not something you can just whip out. 1st need a good paper or digital map of the area you wish to create. 2nd waypoints which can be located on the map to georeference the map. Then the real work begins. More rules = Less fun!
  17. Mine is not for sale but perhaps I can answer your questions. quote:Originally posted by Alabama Ramblers:Still have the Magellan Visor GPS Companion? I still have mine, but not for sale. quote:I’ll buy it if it’s better than an eTrex. Sat reception is better with the PDA/GSP combo. a stand alone GPS is more durable, but less expandable with the new software than can be used with the PDA/GPS. quote:Wanna sell your Visor as well?? NEVER quote:What did it not do for you? when I got my PDA/GPS setup there were only 3 programs to use the setup and no good way to store or transfer waypoints to PC and back. Now there are more programs. quote:Did you "need" to upgrade or just want to? Just wanted to, and have 3 kinds now, looking into a 4th. quote:I am a newbie geocacher and bought an eTrex Yellow – now I am learning it’s not too cool a geochaching tool. not cool? I have not had the yellow one but have a vista and emap. The only thing I know that the yellow does not have is: maps more routs more tracks quote:Did you upgrade because the Visor/Companion combination was not effective/usable?? I started caching with the unit and the Quadrafyer antenna is alot more effective at zeroing in on the cache which made it very usable quote:Would a Palm/Companion be better? If you invest in more PDA software then possably, but I would study what all you will have to spend (PDA,GPS, Software) Vs a better model of Garmin & Mapsource to make YOUR ultimate caching tool. quote:Please don’t sell me something that you found to be less valuable than the eTrex I already have!! I wont sell mine which might say something, but not my favorite GPS. hope that helps More rules = Less fun!
  18. quote:Originally posted by chiro:When Garmin updates their maps, do you have to pay for the updates or do they offer free downloads to the mapsource updates?. I have never seen a freeor discounted "map" update but, all software and firmware upgrades are free on the site. quote:What kind of rechargables should I get? NIMH 1500 mAh or the highest you can find More rules = Less fun!
  19. I'm not sure if you know but, you MUST have a Handspring Visor (Palm Device) to use this GPS AT ALL!. when used together it looks like this
  20. Polls closed already? I can't vote! Thats weard! after my post now I can vote
  21. quote:Originally posted by Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell):Won't Tilley exchange it for you? They carry every hat size in that model - all the way up to 8" (learned from experience) I love my Tilley too, and I read his message carefuly and picked up on quote:This is basically the same hat as the renowned Tilly Hat If Tilley swaps him for a larger size Tilley I would be shocked! More rules = Less fun!
  22. quote:Originally posted by DavidL:Based on notes I've seen in firmware updates for my GPS V, the symbols are part of the firmware, so the answer is you can't. I don't know about the V, but I got the Vista when it 1st came out and there were more icons in it than there are now. One of the updates to the vista added the geocache and found icons and removed several others. I would say it is possable, but I have not seen anything to actually do it YET! More rules = Less fun!
  23. I have Regestered both Ozi Explorer & ExpertGPS, and use the demo so far of Ozi3d. Both are great programs for different uses: If you only intend to Geocache with it then ExpertGPS is easier and includes maps downloadable from internet (US only) as needed, and you can import and calibrate maps too. Ozi Explorer is alot more configurable, and allows for add ons like the 3d and other 3rd party add-on's. It Comes with no maps nor downloadable on request, but you can import from various formats and some places sell the maps pre-calibrated. Ozi Explorer is one of the tools I use to create my own Custom Garmin Maps for my GPS. Both programs have downloadable demos from their sites, try both and you decide which works best for you, or get both More rules = Less fun!
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