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First Finder Prizes

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They are usually something nicer than the other contents. I have seen New T-shirts, nice books, new multi-tools, grab bag of kids items, etc. left as first finder prizes. You can go as expensive as you want. Basically it allows the first finder an extra nice prize option and as Criminal noted, they can trade down for it.



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I put in $20.00 in gold-colored dollar coins (I don't know how to spell her name and it's not on the coin) in my latest cache. It's a five stage puzzle cache. The first finders ripped through all 5 stages in about 4 hours. I'm going to put the same prize in my next puzzle cache but I think I'm going to make the puzzles harder.


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I placed my first cache last week. I had a first finders prize in there. I used an led flashlight, and the first finder knew what it was. I tried to think of something that might be useful when you were out caching. I hope this helps.


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Unregistered Travel Bug tags are nice. You can leave a note requesting the finder to drop the TB in your cache after he creates it and then pick it up again to mark it's history/origin.


That way as it travels about you can follow it's movements as a proud god parent. The first finder actually decides what the Travel Bug will be and registers/creates it.


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Originally posted by Blaylockgang:

icon_smile.gif We're going to be hiding our first caches as soon as our travel bugs arrive, and we were wondering, what are good first finder prizes? We've seen them mentioned on the cache pages, but not what they are. Ideas, please?


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I've included first finders' prizes in two of my caches. The first was a more difficult cache, so the FFP was a Best Buy gift card. The second was a very easy find, so it was just an award ribbon (something similar to 'First Place') that I found at the dollar store. I've considered them to only be prizes though, not something that has to be traded for.



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In two of my caches, I've left a woodburned plaque or wooden coin (in a micro) of a scene from the cache area, intended as prizes as opposed to trade items. The FTF on the one with the plaque wrote some notes on the back and told me he was going to place it in another cache as an advertisement for my cache.



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