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While reading through the news this morning I came accross and article stating that the US is looking to reduce the accuarcy of civilian GPS satalites to prevent the Iraqi troops from using the system maitained by the US military! The article goes on to say the civilian S/A code will reduce accuarcy from around 3 meters to 100 meters!!!!! Click on the link to see the article.ARTICLE


Well maybe we'll all have to just get better at finding the caches with a map and a compas! LOL

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Well, considering that the orbits are not geostationary, I imagine that the changes would affect us all.


But I do have to say that the article seems to be mostly just the speculation of a German auto club. I didn't see anything close to an official US government source quoted there, so I'm not worrying just yet. High precision GPS has been integrated into too many things to be turned off without any warning. People would @#$% a brick.


(BTW, you wouldn't happen to read slashdot, would you? =)



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hmm, considering there are already several OTHER threads talking about this, I'll make sure THIS thread also states the fact that the only source of info for that "news" is a German Auto Club. Since when are they the experts on US military actions?


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GPS can be regionally degraded, so SA should not be needed globally.


"The end of Selective Availability was a major turning point that has helped GPS to become a global utility, now being used around the world in many different applications."


"After the attacks of September 11th, the industry buzzed over the possibility of a return to SA. However, on Sept. 17, 2001, the Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB), which governs the GPS system, announced the United States has no intent to ever use Selective Availability again."


(Selective Availability page)


The original comment can be found on the IGEB web page, http://www.igeb.gov/sa.shtml.


Note: these URLs are .gov, as in US Government


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Originally posted by dustyjacket:

Originally posted by yumitori:

But what about those poor German geocachers driving to their next cache?



Serves them right for their government's non-support....

Why don't you suggest dropping a couple of bombs to Berlin as well, while you're at it.icon_rolleyes.gif


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Originally posted by Planet:

Now we have almost as many "GPS satellites getting turned off" threads as we do avatar threads.


Cache you later,



I feel much more like I do now than when I first got here.


That sounds quaint coming from someone with the username of "Planet".


I love the irony.


The clarity is devistating! But, where is the ambiguity? (Oh, it's over there in a box!)"



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