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Mystery Cache Rules

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The rules for most cache types have been beat to death. Even still everyone can get a Traditional, Web Cam, Event, Locationless, and Virtual approved. Each has special rules though.


Do Mystery caches get rules exemptions? Do they have special rules. Or no rules?


Think about it. In all honesty a mystery cache isn't normal or at least it's not supposed to be normal.


Wherever you go there you are.

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Perhaps basic norms would be:


1. The cache has a stash note (if a container exists) for the benefit of non-geocachers.


2. The cache does not contain certain items. (dangerous, illegal, adult, etc...)


3. The cache is non-commercial.


4. The cache owner has provided a method to verify finds. (log books encouraged, but the decision left to the hider)


5. The cache is stationary.


6. The cache is not in a restricted area.


As long as a proposed cache followed these basics, it could be listed.


Can anyone think of other basics?


Bottom line...A lot of discussion is happening relating to rules and approval. If the cache categories were defined clearly, and room for variation was left in the Mystery category, then maybe there would be less confusion.

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Hey Yellow Dart--


how'd that eglilch paper work out for you? And what's this about Oakland, Illinois. Don't you know Oakland is in California. Unless your talking about that Oakland college that's in Michigan. And I thought you were from Manhattan, Kansas. Enough Geographical Symantics.


It is my intention to sit down and play video games for several hours.


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In my opinion a "Mystery Cache" designation should be used when you want to surprise the finder. An example would be disguising a multistage cache hunt as "mystery cache" so those who seek it don't realize that they're in for more than the simple drive-by the map suggests.


I don't think "Mystery Cache" should be used as a way to circumvent the guidelines for caches - as in calling a physical cache a "mystery cache" after it failed to get approved for lacking one of the required elements of a physical cache.


Stifling creativity is the last thing I'd want to do, but I can't think of a case of a cache that could not be posted as traditional, virtual, or locationless. In some cases the rules are bent a bit to account for the unique nature of the cache, but theyr'e all either physical or virtual.

(Event and webcam being special catagories that are debatebly non-caches)


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I suggested that there *are* basic elements that physical caches and virtual caches have. They should not change. I was not suggesting that the "Mystery" category be for non-caches. I was trying to point out that there is discussion over verification methods that could be eliminated if there was a category for "Alternative Verification".


Maybe "Mystery Cache" should be left for "surprises". Does anyone think a new category is needed for caches that fit the basics of a physical cache, but are different in some significant way?

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