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Cameras in caches -- A good idea?


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Hey all,


I just returned to This Cache that I placed a few days ago and dropped off a disposable camera.


Any thoughts on whether this is a good idea? It's unlikely that a muggle will come across it, as it's not in a park or anything, in fact you have to follow deer trails to get to it.


I mean, what's the worst that could happen? (insert horror story here)



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Originally posted by DadONine:

What about putting the photos up on the cache's web page? Do I need to get permission from the people to do that?






Anyone opposed to their photo being posted would not of taken a picture of themselves with it. That's why I always grab the camera first. Then everyone else gets a photo and I seal back in the cache before they figure out that I forget to get my photo on the camera. Works well for me.

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In fact, I've seen posts from people upset that a camera's contents were never posted.


I've taken it another step: a travel bug camera. It's supposed to take pictures of an ancestral village in Switzerland. It's made it to he British Isles, and the current holder said he's taking it to France soon.



Well the mountain was so beautiful that this guy built a mall and a pizza shack

Yeah he built an ugly city because he wanted the mountain to love him back -- Dar Williams

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Never read reviews, or trust anyone, or ....whatever.


Do YOU think it's a good idea? If so do it, or rather if you find one then snap a pic of yourself.


Personally I think it's a great idea....abused, obviously, but with parental discretion a very nice keepsake from ones cache.


I find it very hard to believe that ALL the finders are all THAT proud of their behinds. If they are then they need to GET REAL!! You are NOT that good looking. Ummm, not that I'm a pro on A$$'s or anything.


Ok, yeah, THAT treatise will work.


I was going to say it was crude to post a picture of ones butt on someones cache. I was going too, but then I didn't have the energy to combat the "1st amendment right" of those who will feel incumbant upon themselves to remind me that to do so will bring down civilization as we know it. - JamesJM

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I'm usually alone, so no pic for me. I have one pic in the wild frozen in the chemical media of the film in an ammo box in the middle of a National Forest. Whether it will ever make it to development is another story as the only one other time I got my picture taken, the cache got nabbed by someone before the camera was retrieved.


I kinda like cameras in caches - good idea whoever thought of them - what a clever use for a disposable camera. But, like others, I assume the worst in people and would fear being arrested getting it developed. I'd probably explain to them what it going on when I dropped it off.

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