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Number of Caches created


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Hi there was wondering if there is a limit as to the number of caches that an individual can create. Am able to and enjoy maintaining 4 at the present and would like to start a couple of more. Am also wondering about ending a couple that do not seem to be getting anyone new to them as per my other posting. Look forward to hearing your opinions on this. TIA

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I currently have six, all relatively close to where I live. I could probably handle two or three more.


The biggest thing I'm concerned with is how quickly and easily I can get there to do maintenance if there is a problem with any of them. I check on all my caches every few months regardless of how many visitors it has received. I'll visit my less-found caches more often. I'll also be sure to post a note on the cache page that I did maintenance.


I'm tempted to rant about cache owners who neglect their caches...but that's another thread.


I have seen some profiles where the account has over 75 caches listed as hidden. This makes me a nervous, but these could be group cachers. I would think maintenance would still be a nightmare and I wonder if caches aren't being placed just to have lots of caches out there.


Basically, there is no firm rules as to how many. Just be responsible for the ones that you do place.


Have Fun!




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...I think I have 95 placed now...started in Feb 2001.


As far as maintaining them, I have found that cachers are happy to help with this. When I heard that one of mine in another state was rusty and hard to open, I had a number of people volunteer to replace it with a new tupperware version. It was taken care of within a week.


If I don't see anyone volunteering to help, I just post a note on the cache page and ASK for help. I've never been turned down and I have helped a number of people this way too.


Ron (95 hidden/342 found)


I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.

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I'm relatively new here and slowly working on my first cache, but I don't care for the idea of having a cache somewhere you can't care for it yourself.


Not a big deal, I'd just want to take responsibility for it myself, mostly because I'm not one to want or ask for help even when I should. Maybe I'll see it differently by the time I have 300+ finds. Just my opinion.


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The only limit is that you should place no more caches than you can reasonably maintain. I've placed 28 caches so far and most of them are in spots that I frequent for one reason or another

(usually favorite hiking trails). Others are in places that are easy for me to get to.


A trick I've used is to place a multi stage cache, that brings the seeker through an interesting area, but I place the actual cache not far from a road or parking area. So cache maintenance is a breeze, but the seeker experiences a nice, scenic hike.


There are a few people who sprinkle caches around like they are grass seed. They are usually poorly stocked, invariably in that Gladware garbage and placed in areas that have little worth as a point of interest. The placing of a cache, just for the sake of placing a cache, should be avoided. It adds nothing to the sport.


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Originally posted by smoochnme:

I'm tempted to rant about cache owners who neglect their caches...but that's another thread.

Actually, this is probably the best placeto discuss that as well. While it's nice that people will volunteer to clean up your caches for you, it is the placer's responsibility to maintain them. If for no other reason, you should be checking on these often enough to ensure that there are no social trails developing. Geocaching has been labeled as "abandonment" which can only be reinforced my people leaving geocaches while they're on vacation to a place to which they have no plans to return. I'm sure that early in the development of this game, it helped to have people scattering geocaches like rice at a wedding to help reach critical mass but I don't think that it is still necessary.

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I think that the number of caches hidden is up to the indivedual who hides them. As far as people helping to take care of caches is a great idea. Isn't one of the ideas for our hobby "Cache in

Trash out"? Helping the environment. We should be willing to help our fellow cachers as well. As for the remark of the more caches hidden the poorer they are, I have personally found a number of Ron Streeters' caches, and they are always in very interesting places, very well maintained, and always contain nice items.


My wife says put a coordinate on it and I'll find it.

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If you have a number of virtual caches that are objects that will not change much (like a 200yr old tree memorial, a museum, or such), they require much less maint than a cache. So you could 'manage' a significant # of these.


I also believe whole heartedly on the support issue. In the Memphis area we have a number of caches that were abandoned when the cache owner moved across country. Since then the cache's either became lost or declined into a state of dis-repair. A number of the locals would periodically reload or fix things up, but we couldn't do much about the cache page descriptions as we didn't 'own' the site.


Most recently 3 of the sites were finally adopted by well meaning locals, with a 4th in questioned status as it is in a clearly marked 'No Trespassing' area. We (the locals) have proposed archiving the site, or to allow one of us to adopt and move it as well. The 4th site is the 1st geocache site in the state of Tennessee.

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