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First cache hide: Still active?

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My first cache, Billy E. 9/11/01, is still there after a little over a year. I've been pretty lucky so far (knock on wood), as I've only had one cache stolen out of some 30+ non virtuals I've placed.


I did archive a couple, but that was only because I made a significant change to the cache's location, or changed a regular cache into a multi-leg.


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My first cache was plundered. The only one that has gone missing.


I'm waiting for all the bushes and grass to die for the winter. I'll go back and search for it again. It went missing once before and I found it thrown deep into the blackberry bushes.


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So far my first cache is still there. Sounds like it has sparked some visits to our city's botanical garden.


The first cache I found is no more. It was a feature on a TV news story and the owner decided that it needed to retire given the exposure.


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