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Radical Geezer


Your Avatar is a photo taken at Chanute AFB, Rantoul Illinois in 1951.

The gentleman is a Janitor who took care of the Personal Equipment section.


Life Support took care of Flight Helmets and Oxygen masks, parachutes, Survival training and kits. They were (At the time ) called Protective Equipment (PE) troops, but now are Life Support Technicians.


(My job in he USAF was Life Support)




A BAAAD Ancestor is Good to Find!!!!


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Thanks for the info, Bo Peep. That picture was quite popular when I was in the Air Force back in 68-72. Originally it had a caption at the bottom that said something to the effect: "Sleep peacefully, the U.S. Air Force is on the alert."


I just thought the picture went well with my moniker. Also stole my Profile protrait from a rather obvious source - have you checked it out?



Radical Geezer

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I served in the USAF '63-'67 and had that picture. Thought it was great especialy since I was in SAC for awhile that had nuclear armed B-52's flying on alert 24/7/365 because of the cold war.


I thought the line was "Sleep peacefully, the U.S. Air Force is awake." but my memory isn't as good as it use to be.


Thanks for picture. icon_cool.gif



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Getting back to the topic, here's the kind of things I have put into my caches. I try to have things for kids as well as what travelers in cars/hikers might find useful. Also stuff for wives because I know from my wife who's not crazy about caching but comes along for the ride, that she would appreciate some things. The more expensive items go to about 5 bucks but most are in the 1-2 buck range.


-Boston Mini Stapler with 1000 staples

-Crayola crayons

-Pencil/Crayon sharpener

-Manicure set

-Colored rubber bands

- AA Alkalines (2)

-Fuse set for car

-Leatherman tool (miniature)

-Coloring book


-Registration/insurance wallet for glove compartment

-wide angle mirror to attach to car mirror

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

Usually, nothing. But in a few cases I left a new Geocaching.com hat. I've also left a new pair of binoculars and Swiss army tools. Oddly enough, in no instance did the first finder take the item.

A geocaching.com hat lasted through 5 finders before someone took it. I guess they didn't like green?

The binoculars (an inexpensive pair, but not junk) are still in the cache after 14 finds. I guess sometimes people are afraid to trade because they don't have something equal.


After all the aggravation with the pirates, this restores some faith in humanity.



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Also great ideas.


Besides the hand painted rocks that say 'first finder' and the occasional watch, compass, or multi-tool, we almost always include some caribiner key chains, mini tool sets, and micro flashlights. I have yet to find a cache that has anything near as good as what has been listed here. A good example of the typical kind of stuff I find (last week) -- a plastic ice cream cone magnet, a keychain from some local bank, a pen from some local businness, kids plastic toys, etc. Will keep looking for one of those GC hats.

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Our very first cache we put out we did a custom made t-shirt that was a iron on transfer we printed on the PC. Just a slogan and the Geocache symbol, it was taken by the FF. In a couple of future caches we are making walking sticks, 1 7/8th dowels which we use a wood burner and burn designs on, paint a few things laquer it up and presto, something the FF will be able to use in the future. We will hide it in the general area, once the FF finds the cache there will be instructions on where they can find the staff. Not very expensive to make and the labor is what you want to put into it.

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Originally posted by Team Tillery:

We've only placed 2 caches so far, but in our first we left



In our second we left





Whoa.... I'm going to find some of YOUR caches! icon_wink.gif


Joel (joefrog)


"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ye are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"

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