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I was wondering... (like in all my posts)... if there is a certain time of day people go out and geocache... like if a certain time is better or if some people out there find caches late at night... like wee hours of the morning (1 or 2 am)... how do you do that?? Just curious!! icon_eek.gif

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I like to go out early, usually heading out before 8am. I wake up between 4am and 5am anyways, so it's not like I'm messing my schedule up.


I go on the week-days, and generally don't cache that much on the weekends. Seems that the crowds converge on the park-like areas during weekends. I also like to avoid the putrid heat we've been having. Having no job committment allows me to plan this way.

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I have a pretty busy schedule, playing softball, and volleyball in the summer. Skiing and bowling in the winter and playing and coaching soccer in the spring and fall, so I obviously don't have a lot of free time for Geocaching. Therefore, I get in a find or two whenever I have a few hours. I like to hike on weekends if I have one free, and will sometimes try to combine a hike with a cache hunt or hide.


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I try to go out in the evenings, this time of year--too hot in the sun! As we move into fall and winter, any time that work isn't cutting into caching time is a good time to go! icon_wink.gif


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