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Good source for cache Conatainers

Little's Cache
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Have you ordered from them before and had a good experience? Also if you have ordered from them by chance have you gotten any .50cal cans and what was the condition of them? I've been wanting to order some .50cal cans that are in somewhat decent shape for a good price but haven't yet for some reason.





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50-Cal cans usually run me $4.95 each locally. I get 7.62mm cans for $3.95 each. Matter of fact, I'm going to have to pick up some more next weekend... icon_wink.gif


If you wanna know where I get 'em at that price, just drop me an e-mail, Doug. I haven't seen any mortar tubes, but they have many different sizes of ammo cans.


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My only advice is Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware. I have two places in the Twin Cities area that I get ammo cans, and both for around 4 bucks a pop, and they get them by the pallet. I'll go in, and have to sort through the entire pallet to find 4 or 5 that aren't all rusted and nasty, so I'm assuming that if you buy a pallet of ammo cans, and assuming 20 ammo cans to a pallet, you'll end up having 3/4 of them that aren't worth more than scrap metal.


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Cheaperthandirt.com has the .50 cal ammo boxes for $3.99 and a 6 pack of .30 cal ammo boxes for $18.


I've purchased over 50 boxes from them over the past year and have found them to be in good to excellent condition. Several had a little rust, but nothing that a little sandpaper and a spray of Rustoleum couldn't take care of.


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I'm with BrianSnat. I've gotten 50 from cheaperthandirt, & all have been in excellent condition. Some of my caches have been out for over 1 1/2 yrs., and the cans look like I put them out last week. Of the 26 I've put out so far, I've never had 1 that had any moisture in it. I've been very satisfied. cheaperthandirt Shipping is very reasonable & delivery has always been quick.



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I just recieved an order of 4 .50 cal. cans and 3 mortar tubes and a 25mm canon ammo can from Major Survival and military surplus and the service was great. Shipping was only $16, and the stuff was in great condition.

I'll order there again.

And...no. I am not related nor do I have any shares of them icon_razz.gif


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