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  1. Please on't over react and become scared. I live in the area and beara sightings are common and attacks are very UNCOMMON.
  2. Shame on you!! My wife wants your phone number! She says I am spending way too much on toys and 'you people' are to blame. We'll after 30 years, she still oves me. Great shots and I guess I may have to spring for the new technologies. Thanks Doug
  3. Ok, this is the usual loaded ?. Looking for a topo program that does the normal stuff. Imports/exports to PDA and GPS unit. easy to work with, blah. blah. What do you all suggets. Causal kiker who likes to tinker. Thanks Doug
  4. My wife is employed at a very historic cemetery in memphis. She does a lot of educational work and speaks frequently to various civic groups and schools. She invites folks to visit the cemetery and ask questions. Ethics and courtesy are the importanr factors. Respect goes a long way. Obviously, you don't want to go tramping through a burial service nor do you want to disturb anything. This cemetery is the resting palce for numerous Conferate soldiers, Kit Dalton of the dalton gang and many of the founding fathers of the city of memphis. She feels that virtual may be the best types of caches. Plus, she feels that a multiple cache would be great and could be used as an eduational cache. Maybe beginning with the early settlers and working into present day. With that said, I imagine that you al know where my next cache will probably be? Doug
  5. Please check out this cache. It is a virtual and I am being told that it is not allowed becuase it is a 'drive by, not interesting enough, not a challenge, etc. Thanks http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=79901
  6. What I am wanting to do is track the caches in a particular zone. For example, i am doing a website that may encompass about 4500 acres. I would like to have a map just show those caches inside that area. Another example would be at www.brillig.com/geocaching/tennessee.shtml, where just a particular state is 'drawn'. I wouldn't think that he is updating this map manually? Thanks
  7. If anyone has other news articles, I would appreciate the link, as I am designing a website and would like to reference some info. Thanks
  8. Is there any mapping program that one could use to plot caches, automatically, for a designated area? Say, with a certain range of coordinates? Happy holidays
  9. I have upgraded to a Vista and have found that it seems to take up to five minutes for it so settle in on the coordinates. For example, I got to the parking area for a cache hunt, fired up the unit. It found the sats and pointed me in a diretion that I knew was wrong. I walked around a bit, in the right and wrong direction, to no avail. Finally I walked just a feet yards towards the location that I knew the cache was located (about 1/4 mile away) and set the uint down on a stump. A minute or so later, I was poointed in the same direction. Even got me wondering if my new cell phone might be causing interference? Any thoghts. Good thing is that I did find the 2 caches that I was looking for. Doug
  10. Yes I have purchased Mortar tubes. (Watch out Bitbrain, I'm in Bartlett). Good condition and should hold a lot. Service was fine. DL
  11. Major Surplus & Survival has a Mortar tubes and Ammo cans at a good price. Cuurently advertised at 3 tubes for $15.00 and 4 30cal ammo boxes for $11.95. Not a solicitation but a good buy. Check out Major Surplus [This message was edited by Little's Cache on November 10, 2002 at 10:34 AM.]
  12. Make sure you read the date the sat picture was taken. many can often be 5+ years old. Still, it is a great tool and 'interesting' to know that someone/something is watching you.
  13. Thanks for sharing, George. I am working with a local parks department that is riding the fence about the good vs bad aspect of the sport. I forward all such articles to them. Thanks again, Doug in memphis
  14. Have fun, enjoy the kids, enjoy nature and enjoy what you have. HAVE FUN! Doug
  15. Maybe we can get the green/black "official geocache" in smaller sizes AND less expensive. The make it a 'requirement thatthis type of sticker be on all caches! The sticker price plus the outrageous shipping cost gets a little expensive.
  16. I biught some mortor tubes from www.majorsurplusnsurvival.com Good price and they are waterproof Doug
  17. Actually some cemetries are identifyinh gravesites with coordinates. My wife worksd at one that has worked on such aproject. Problem is accuracy. Gravesites aren't real big! So, I guess when I get buried we had better call it a virtual site?
  18. good idea. I'll surely give it a try. I also heard of someone attaching velcro to a film cannister and attaching it to the underside of a bird house. Doug
  19. So, if I had one of these GPS units with electronic compasses, go a strong signal before I went into the woods, the compass would take me in the direction I needed even if I lost my sat signal to tree cover? I just came from a situation today that a compass sure would of been nice.
  20. Happened across this site today. what a great advertisement for the sport! I'll be visiting there in a few weeks and hope to stike it rich. http://www.clemetparks.com/ Doug
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