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Other use for GPS

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Please forgive me if this question was asked before.


Do you use your GPS unit for things other than Geocaching?


One of my new duties is crash investigation/reconstruction. On the crash report form, there is a box for lat and lon location which I fill in. I also use my GPS to mark my reference point (the point at which all measurements begin) so that it can be easily found by myself or another investigator days, weeks or months after the accident occured.


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My first use of a GPSR was for documenting equipment locations (poles, transformers, etc.) for electric distribution system appraisals. I quickly discovered that it was also useful on my boat, for navigating, finding shipwrecks, and returning to other good diving and fishing locations. And then I discovered geocaching.




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I bought mt first GPS (Meridian 300) at a going out of business sale at K-mart for $5.


For three years I used it to located and record Cemetery locations, all the while looking for a way to transfer the coords into a printable/copyable map database.


That GPS was VERY basic, and hac no input output capability, and accuracy was good within about 60 feet, in any direction, including vertically.


I haven't done the Cemeteries with my new sportrak map, but I am sure I will have much more useable results..




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I use mine now for getting to and from unfamiliar places. I have started to convert the address I am going to into GPS coordinates as a backup. I also like having my home coordinates in my GPS (whether at home or on the road - ie. hotel or whatever) to keep me from getting terribly lost.



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I bought mine two years ago to monitor my trolling speeds while fishing. Now I use it for tracking my mileage at work and of course....Geocaching!


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I use mine hooked up to my pda with moving map software in the car so the kids can see where we are and where we are heading so I don't get the question


" Where are we and how much longer is the trip".


I can also do routes for my wife when she travels to a strange address, and she can follow it on the pda.


I also found out my speedo in the car is out about 10 km an hour.






Ontario geocachers http://groups.msn.com/GeocachinginOntario/homepage

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i'm new to this game but i worked with GPS when i was in the air force. i'm planning on using mine for this as well as hunting and fishing. i've got a few good spots in mind for tree stands as well as marking good fishing spots on lake erie.


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