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How about a special icon & status for Night Caches?

Mark 42

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It's sort of an honor system...

If the cache owner requests that it be a night

only cache, then I would not look for it until after dark.


If the owner doesn't care whether people do it day or night, but it is one that lends itself better to night, or is easier at night because of reflective clues, then I might do it during the day.


Actually, it never even occurred to me that a "night cache" would be more interesting or easier at night. I always assumed that during the day it would be too easy, so the idea is to take up the challenge of finding it at night.


I guess it'd be a good idea to clarify the intent (like please don't do this during the day... it'll be too easy, boring, etc. or let people know that it's okay to do it during the day as well).

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the only downside to making a category especially for night caches is that some people would set an unsafe night cache without realizing it, causing someone else to get injured. Then we'd have a real mess on our hands. As it is those cachers that do set night caches usually go above and beyond to make sure the area is safe and legal before saying its a night cache.



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I was surprised when my 'night-only' cache was found during the day.. Then I realized w/a very good flashlight (halogen) and an overcast sky it's possible. (It's a reflector trail...)


Then there were the folks who couldn't find the micro (it's an offset cache) and found the container via scouring the now-familiar territory w/the hint.


So...my first reaction was, GREAT, icon would be good! But then I realized many people might overlook 'em when they might be possible.


(It's not like you can filter out certain cache-types so there's little value at this point in my mind...)


So, I'm relatively ambivalent,




PS: Ironically, today I just setup another new night cache...

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