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Your Found/Hid Ratio


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641 finds/16 hides


I admit it freely ... that's a pathetic ratio, indeed! But in my defense, we have several cachers in our area who basically only hide caches ... and they're very good at it!


I guess the relationship is symbiotic, since sometimes I'm the only one (or one of very few) who goes after their caches ... and just to make sure these guys feel good about themselves, I've made sure that most of the cache I've placed have been totally lame.


Like hiding caches, finding them is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. icon_wink.gif

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Ive got 583 finds and only one active hide. I'm not worried about it.


Lets assume every geocacher had to to hide 1 cache for every 20 finds. There is an average of 100 finds each for 100 cachers in the area. So now there are 500 caches. You find more caches so now you have to hide more caches. As the Average goes up the number of hidden caches increase. So now the average is for the 100 cacher is 200 finds so now there should be 1000 caches.


Do you get where I leading. Area saturation. As long as an area has enough caches every thing is fine. Let those who like to hide, hide and those that like to find, find.


Team Sand Dollar

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For a moment, I thought that this was going to be interesting. Then I got to this:

Originally posted by garytlove:

Some of you sound like whiny liberals. You are taking everything as a personal insult and getting defensive over a pretty dang innocent post. lighten up. thanks for the compliment ish-n-isha. You dont sound like a whiny liberal.

My find:hide ratio is 13:1 and my hides get great reviews. Gary, don't bring down your own thread by name-calling.


- Seth!



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I'm trying to adhere to a 10:1:1 ratio for finds/hides/ and TB's to be moved. Today I am at 149/17/12 but I'm working on it.


I believe in 'giving' something back to the cachers of the area, if I go into a town for a visit, I'll create a virtual cache if I find a worthy spot, and I pick up 10 on the visit.


I found 24 on this past Sunday's one day visit to Nashville TN, and created 2 virtuals for the area cachers as my thanks for the visit, history, scenery, and FUN!

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I sometimes have to laugh when I see a cacher with 200+ posts to this forum, sounding like a veteran cacher, offering all kind of expert advice and opinions, only to look at their profile and find that they've only racked up one or two finds. It's like these folks love the idea of caching, but would rather discuss it than actually do it. I'm sure this has been hashed over in here before, but I haven't seen it. Any thoughts from real veteran cachers on the subject?


"it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks" Acts 26:14

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Originally posted by Duke_:

I'm sure this has been hashed over in here before, but I haven't seen it.


Check this thread.


One must remember, all of us come from all walks of life and each of us knows and has experienced different things. So just bcause one has a few finds does not mean he knows nothing and has nothing of value to add to the forums.


I looked through 95% of the old posts plus read over the geocaching page before hunting any, so that gave me somewhat of an edge. I think theres some here that have read little or none of the geocaching page, and am sure a lot have never looked at the forums.


Women are like guns, keep one around long enough and you're going to want to shoot it.

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Caches Found/Hidden: 58/9

Travel Bugs Owned/Found: 0/6


I think the importance of hiding your fair share of caches depends on the area you live in. If you've reached saturation point, then it's fine not to hide many, but when there are few active cachers in your area, then you should get out there and hide some of your own to reciprocate.


Hiding them can be just as interesting as finding, especially if you try to do some research on the area and add a little history and some photos to your cache page. I think we're heading towards making the hides a bit more difficult, but that doesn't negate the 1/1's, after all this should be a hobby that people of all ages and ability can enjoy, not just the people who are able to climb mountains.

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so... since my original post i haven't hid any caches. ive found 12. just food for thought... is it hypocritacal... i dont think it is but i wouldn't say that i am not a hypocrite either. i wasn't trying to make enemies starting this post, although i may have stepped on a few toes. some of you remind me of kindergarten teachers though. life has to be fair and only say what is sugarcoated and nice, not what is honest. (although i don't personally encourage name calling... see sentence above about my hypocracy) anywho... all apologies to anyone i may have offended. if you would have just posted an answer to what my question was instead of flaming my idea... oh, nevermind. sorry if i offended any PC liberals out there. in my neck of the woods it's considered a bad thing, but i know that not all people from seattle or all liberals are inherently bad... just misled. hehe. thanks all for putting up with my crap.

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I placed most of my caches before I had 10 finds so I think the quality was not up to par. I just finished going back and upgrading the caches I had out there by replacing the tupperware containers with ammo boxes, restocking them, modifing the cache pages, etc. I am now satisfied that anyone one who searches for any of my caches will not be disappointed. I received a shipment of ammo boxes a while ago and plan to place a least 5 new caches over the couple of months.

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