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What model GPS is everyone using? IV

Guest Artful Dodger
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Guest xoomboy

I've got my Magellan Meridian Gold tracked to Illinois -- should be getting to Mass. in the next couple of days. Then it can track me!



Hey, now I know where I am!

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Guest prv8eye

Originally posted by BassoonPilot:

But the GOOD NEWS is, the next morning I found Maggie hanging in a bush. Marty621 sent me a clever suggestion that we put pieces of reflective tape on our gear, and it would make them easier to find. Great suggestion!


And maybe your name and phone number on the tape. Hey, you never know, somebody who finds it MIGHT return it.

It's possible that there are one or two honest people left out there .

I know I would have to call. I would feel like a thief if I didn't.

I would think that most Geocachers are honest people. Otherwise, most cache boxes would soon disappear.


Gus Morrow

Oceanside, Ca

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My two complaints with the Vista to date are its extremely short battery life and its electronic compass . . . the compass is just too jumpy.


I usually turn my compass off until I need it. Press and hold the main interface button until you get a "compass off" message.

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A Garmin GPSMAP 76, and a Garmin Street Pilot III (which takes me turn by turn to the closest road!) then the 76 takes over.


AND add a little yellow eTrex for my 9 year old son!


Soon to be adding a Garmin eTrex Legend (to replace his yellow) and the yellow will go to his 6 year old brother!


So that's 3 for now, soon a 4th.

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