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  1. I may have the right solution your are looking for. I have developed a 54Mb map set with topo, hidro, transportation and points info for Colombia (0 deg => north). Let me know how can I contact you so to give you further details. Regards
  2. try this one... http://arcdata.esri.com/data/tiger2000/tiger_download.cfm and enjoy!! gbc
  3. A very easy way to do it: TRY GPS TRACKMAKER It is free and has an icon that opens GE ... no need to mess with file extensions... just download from your gps and click the GE Icon. enjoy!! GBC
  4. USAPhotoMaps can import GPX tracks, however, you may need a prg as GPSBabel that can convert diff formats between each other. To connect your USB GPSr with USAPhotomaps, click GPS > Protocol > GARMIN USB... you may need to restart the program and GPSr as well. Be sure that you have no other com in progress in a diff prg. GBC
  5. Try USAPhotoMaps and/or GPS Trackmaker. Both are exellent prgs and you may select either one regarding your needs: With the first one you can plot directly to the satellite image your tracks and WP. With the second one you can import a satellite or map image file as background and plot your Tracks and WP. You may also edit and change the properties of them. GBC
  6. Take a look to this message... I'm sure it fits your requirement. GBC
  7. Bad for... * Removed reading/importing of PCX5 files. they are closing even more the possibility to interact with third party prgs. GBC
  8. ... Even better... You can replace the original .img WorldMap file with the one you edit ( do not rename it ) and upload it from MapSouce WorldMap itself. or Save the file in a different Dir and upload it with SENDMAP. GBC
  9. you can even EDIT Mapsource WorldMap .img files. First step is to convert the .img files to .dbx with MAPDEKODE. Then open this file with GPS TRACKMAKER edit it and merge your own tracks and/or wp. After this, save the file as .dbx and then create .img file with MAPDEKODE. The final step is to upload them to your GARMIN GPS with SENDMAP. This is all !!! Try it !!! and enjoy !!! GBC
  10. You have to download the complete active log to your computer BEFORE saving it in the GPS. After you have downloaded it you can rename each track individually ans save them for future upload to the GPS as individual tracks. GBC
  11. Has anyone tried to upload custom or propietary maps with SendMap 2.0 to a Garmin 276c with firmware 3.2? It seems that version 3.2 has a USB comuncation problem with third party software like SendMap or Trackmaker. I had to return to version 3.1 to solve the problem. Any comments will be highly appreciated. GBC
  12. I live in Colombia S.A., and since 1999 I have been a loyal Adventure GPS custumer. Good service, good response... and overall good prices. try it... almost sure you will not regret. Adventure GPS gil
  13. As far as I know, it should connect without any extra config. I connect to XP home and Pro with easy. Check your com config and be sure to have the correct address and interrupt. Check with another device to be sure that your com is working properly, otherwise, it will be a computer side hardware problem. gbc
  14. Just all of them. I installed CitySelect 4.01 update and still have 4.0 selectable within MapSource. Would prefer to have 4.0 with 4.01 enhance and updates. gbc
  15. Broadcasting.... From GARMIN'S site: Changes Made From Versions 2.07 to 2.08: *Corrected problem with the guidance setup selection for the "Off-Route Recalculation" prompt. *Added GPS Accuracy to the list of configurable fields. *Changed map legend font size. *Improved error checking on the calculator page. gbc
  16. Garmin's GPS 12Map is still one of the best units out there... a very reliable GPSr gbc [This message was edited by gbc on August 27, 2002 at 11:45 AM.]
  17. The only way to hold all track data is to download the active track from your unit with mapsource or any other prg. Remember not to save it in the unit before you download it. gbc
  18. The only way to hold all track data is to download the active track from your unit with mapsource or any other prg. Remember not to save it in the unit before you download it. gbc
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