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The Garmin Map 76S


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Thinking about buying a new GPS.


I'm torn between the Vista or a Map 76S


I already know the vista is a proven GPS of choice, so I'm asking if anyone out there has a Map 76S and what they think about it.


I have a Magellan Platinum right now, and am thinking about throwing it down the toilet.


Screw that slingshot effect, and now it's locking up, etc. So beware of them.


Sorry Magellan owners, but you know I'm right !!


Guitar Nutz

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I have a Map76. Love the larger size and the Tide graphs. Map76 also has very user friendly configurations. You can set up the data fields just about anyway you want. The vista has a smaller screen, and you have to use that little rocker stick to manuver through too many selections.



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I have a Magellan Platinum right now, and am thinking about throwing it down the toilet.


Magellan has been crap from Day ONE. I cannot see how they can sleep with themselves at night, and they're French made too. The French make crappy cars too.


Of the two you are talking about, I'd go with the Garmin Map 76S, although I personally prefer Lowrance units.


If it isn't hard, it isn't worth doing right?

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Did you notice the wild slingshot effect on your Platinum?


Mine is now locking up, and the screen will change on it's own, plus most waypoints are about 30 feet or more off the mark. I've contacted the Magellan people and they keep telling me to re-initialize it. I've done all that, and more. I've only had it a month, and there's no way I can do without it if I ship it in for repair. I started a thread on this problem a month ago, and it seems to be a common problem (the slingshot effect). Luckily, I can take it back from the place I bought it from, and they will give me a full refund.


That's what I'll do after I decide to get either the Map76S or a Vista. And this time I'll buy it through Groundspeak. I'm getting good vibes about the Map76S so far, and I like the fact that it has a larger screen, etc.


You appear to have a GPS V also, and that is a thought too, but I have heard the compass is quite small.


I'll wait and see what others have to say about the Map76S, and make a decision soon.



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I have a Vista - It's a great unit. If you need tidal information or want more advanced barometer functions - get the GPSmap 76S.


If you want a pocket sized GPS (or the calendar or jumpman functions) get the Vista.


Personally, I use my Vista's calendaring functions often so I don't have any major regrets. However, I sure wish the Vista had tidal predictions.




Garmin eTrex Vista, Legend, and GPSmap 162 with Bluecharts/Fishing Hotspots/POI/Road & Rec


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IMO the 76S was heads and shoulders above the VISTA 'for me':


Larger Screen

Better Button Layout, easier to navigate IMO

Size felt better, easier to use IMO

More Memory



You might want to search the archives as there was much discussion on this unit vs. the vista vs. the platinum when it came out.


Good Luck!


76s w/ Topo & City Select. RAM mounts for car(weighted)/bike/canoe.

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I too am looking to buy another GPS, the 76S is on top of my list right now. Have you seen anything about the 60? Looks like a 76 with color and a few more bells and whistles. It was discussed in an earlier thread. From what I can tell, it is not yet being marketed in the US icon_confused.gif.


Good Luck. I think I will support our supporter - that is I will buy from www.gpsdiscount.com because they support this web site and that in turn supports us. icon_smile.gif


Northern Trekker

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We have the V and the 76S. These were chosen after owning both the Legend and the MeriPlat, and because they were both Garmin and have a very similar button layout.


So far I like using the V a little more, largely because I'm familiar with the menu layout (it's similar to the eTrex line with the graphic menu, and data entry.) It's also smaller and easier for me to hold. But, to be fair, I haven't had the 76S for long (about two weeks) and have not used it as much as I used the others.


However, the last two times I've been out night caching alone I only took one unit with me, using the V instead of the 76S, and both times I was really kicking myself for not having it because I MISS the compass. While using the MeriPlat, that is one thing I REALLY LIKED, and now find that I miss it if I don't have it.


I much prefer the button layout/feel in both the V and the 76S over the eTrex line. I haven't found the size of either to be a hindrance when compared to how I used/carried the eTrex.


The screen size and resolution on the 76S is fabulous, but to be honest, when I'm down to the end of a search using the compass screen, on the V, I cut it down to only two data fields (EPE, and DtF) as well as the directional compass and the arrow is certainly big enough to follow.


If you're considering the Vista, then the screen on the V shouldn't be an issue for you. However, if you want the other bells and whistles with an awesome screen, usable, well thought out button layout (no click-stick - yeah!), and great antenna get the 76S.


(And yes, it's 'missing' the slingshot effects of the MeriPlat...)


Drop me an e if you have any questions about either!




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My first GPS was a Legend. It was O.K. but could'nt hold a fix under simple underbrush. Then I bought a Garmin MAP76. It was a great unit but when the 76S came out, I had to try it. If I could use only one word to discribe it; it would be "AWESOME". The 76S has button locations, a big screen, and most importantly outstanding reception. The 76S has an external antenna jack which you may not need however, its there if you want it. You can't go wrong with this GPS. Good luck and happy caching.

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My Platinum was the best cache seeking device I ever had, but of course I kept the WAAS turned off in the thing.


For any one GPS to get if you are getting one, would be a GPS V with all included stuff in the package, or get a Map 76S and MetroGuide for that gps.


One nice thing is that both the 76S and GPS V use the same cables for power and data, so I have easy access to the computer with both GPS units. Was a hinderence to use different cables for different gps units.



Pictures of the insides of my Old GPS V

My Home Page about what is GPS


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Well I just couldn't wait any longer, so I bought the 76S from GPS Discounts. Even though I know the Vista and V are both good instruments, the 76s seemed to be the choice unit. My pal Triac owns a Vista, and I like it. We even went caching together and he was always the guy right on top of the cache. My thoughs are why get the same thing he has. This way we can compare them. That was my thinking when I bought a piece of junk Magellan. I still can't believe the slingshot problem hasn't been resolved by them. It really is a major bug in that unit. Hopefully this and some messages I sent them will prompt them to modify the electronics.


Anyway, thanks guys for helping me out with this, and I'll be reporting back as soon as I give the 76S a Nutz test (like maybe dropping it a few times icon_rolleyes.gif

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Well after putting the 76S to a Nutz & Jamz test:


I'm happy to report there have been no problems with it, and I would recommend this GPSr as an excellent hand held unit for Geocaching.


It has all the qualities needed to "Get That Cache" ASAP


It's ez to use, the compass is great, the mapping is excellent, I easily turn WASS on or off as needed, just about anything you can think of can be configured into it. (There could be a few plugins that would make it that much nicer, but they have nothing to do with cache hunting) :lol:


And what makes this thing even sweeter, I was able to return the Magellan Platinum for a full refund, which was sorta like swapping the two. The prices were simular, but not at the same store. GPS Discount has my business now.


Can ya tell I'm happy with it?


Thanks for everyone's input on this topic, it was very much appreciated

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I've been happy with my 76S except for two things:

1) It eats batteries like cheetos -- especially when it's cold out, or if I forget to turn off the compass

2) Most of the time it is reliable, but it will suddenly decide it can't find satellites, on open highways, rivers without tree cover, or just a few bare trees above. I don't know if there's a problem with mine in particular, but it does get annoying to be just walking along, and "beebeep"

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I've been happy with my 76S except for two things:

1) It eats batteries like cheetos -- especially when it's cold out,


Caching when it is cold out???????Brrrrrr......maybe your GPS is trying to tell you something, like get out of the cold.


Funny I never have that problem with GPSMAP76S. Oh yea, it never gets cold here.....LOL


Solved the battery problem by using rechargables, the same as we use in the digital camera which can eat more batteries in a day that I can eat Tim bits!

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By and large I'm happy with my 76S. Really enjoy the mapping and the magnetic compass.


The two exceptions to complete satisfaction are:


1. The compass mysteriously locks up sometimes.

2. The batteries sometimes come loose from the holder and the unit behaves a little nuts.


The two may be related.


BTW, you might want to wait for the GPSMAP 60C. Looks neat -- features 1:24000 mapping, a color display, and a dedicated geocaching mode.


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Thinking about buying a new GPS.<BR><BR>I'm torn between the Vista or a Map 76S<BR><BR>I already know the vista is a proven GPS of choice, so I'm asking if anyone out there has a Map 76S and what they think about it.<BR><BR>I have a Magellan Platinum right now, and am thinking about throwing it down the toilet.<BR><BR>Screw that slingshot effect, and now it's locking up, etc. So beware of them.<BR><BR>Sorry Magellan owners, but you know I'm right !!<BR><BR>Guitar Nutz

Guitar Nutz,


If you're still looking for a 76S, I will be selling mine. I've decided to shell out the extra for the 60CS. I guess I have a hole in my pocket or something... :lol:


Anyway, here's a link to the Garage sale forum where I have it listed...

76S for sale on Garage Sale Forum


I am including the case from The GPS Store (where I bought the unit) as well as the part of my RAM mount that actually holds the 76S.


I have loved this GPSr and currently use it with TOPO and CitySelect. I am only upgrading as I have some Christmas money to spend and I like the additional features, but certainly don't need them.


The electronic compas in the 76S is a great feature for geocaching. I have hiked, canoed, biked, flown and driven with the 76s and it's nearly perfect for all the above.


I've always cared for the unit very well and keep a screen protector film over the LCD which is easy to replace and keeps the LCD from getting ANY scratches.


Let me know if you are interested $265 BO including shipping. The case and RAM holder are worth an extra $25, but are included for free.


If you are not interested, sorry to bother you.


(PS Tried the PM feature and it said your ID was not found???)


Us 5 Camp

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