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Free Water Proof GPS bag.

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I ran across the site: atomicgps, and stumbled over something that was very suprising. They have "aquabags" for gps recievers in two different sizes: medium and large and the price says 0.00$ I just ordered 4 bags for free with only about 7.50$ for shipping and handling. Im not sure why they are free but I am taking advantage of it. Here is the direct link: http://atomicgps.com/store/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/42/products_id/235




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I bet one of two things will happen.......


You wont get them,,, becuase the dumb As* webmaster for the site, has it setup so that they display as $0.00 when they are out of stock.




Your credit card statement will have a nice surprise! and it wont be $7.50.

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I've got a waterproof bag too! It wasn't free, but it was cheaper that a $ 1.50. I use two Ziploc freezer bags, double bagged for protection. Keeps the water out AND it floats! I use a hole punch on the zippered corner and run a lanyard thru it. Not pretty, but it works great!


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