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  1. If you want the track log to fill up much much slower, change the elevation setting: I think its either variable or whatever elevation. One records all the elevation tracklog data and information and uses the tracklog memory which fills that up faster. Anyways, just saying you can mess wit it.
  2. Why not use CitySelect for just the large cities and then a different mapset for everything else. From what I have seen CitySelect eats up about 3x the memory as Topo and Roads and Recreation. And to answer this question, that would be fine, except with metroguide, topo and all others besides city select, you dont have autorouting...
  3. The unit lags when typing in stuff because its working so far to show what it has found from what you have typed in so far. The memory is sufficient for me because I live in the northwest, not to dense. It tops all other consumer units.
  4. Yeah maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year.
  5. So basically, if it fits your needs, buy it, if you don't need the extra memory and/or don't like the shape and feel of the unit. We all have different opinions, no need to go on and on.
  6. Anyways, pretty neat how much they can pack into those babies, maybe in the future that stuff will be standard in watches across the world.
  7. Well, if thats how it came brand new, and its like that on all of them, then I guess it is waterproof, I have held mine under water in a river for a minutes and it still works fine.
  8. Because they are assuming you will buy the City Select to use the awesome autorouting. Dont hate the player, play the hater.
  9. I guess another thing thats good about Magellan's TOPO is that they have the actual street names.
  10. Doesn't garmin's new car autorouting gps have a CF card slot?
  11. Uh, fill up your sink, find out for yourself.
  12. yup, yet I find the ETE display on the satelite page to be a much smaller number, compared to if you actually guessed the radius of the cirlce drawn around your location on the map. Wierd eh?
  13. If you only use your gps for geocaching, the basemap will not help.
  14. Garmin 60c is 10 times better then a PPC/BT combination such as the HP2210/Holux w/ waas BT gps setup I used to have. If you really need reasons why let me know, but the 60cs tops it, even the auto routing is much better then ANY you could get for a PPC. k?
  15. I like how it looks with 3.20. Less lines sticking out at you blocking other stuff. But I can see why many would be unhappy, i'll go either way.
  16. I think you can make the cable length choice by yourself.
  17. It just happens, if you have poor reception - then your gpsR may think your moving around, other times it correctly shows you didn't move. But regardless, your Unit is fine, no problems, or anything out of the ordinary.
  18. Both are equal in the ability to get you to the geocache. It comes down to which one feels better in your hand, if were strictly speaking geocaching, however I suppose the 60c could also navigate you near the geocache .
  19. That is intersting, but I am sure their is a logical explanation...
  20. Well I just got back from a 25 mile 3 day backpacking trip, and it barely got up to 45% at most often. I was not using Variable Elevation with my CS, only fixed. I suppose with Variable on it would have been a much higher %.
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