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GPS recommendation....

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Just getting into Geocaching and looking for a recommendation on which GPSr to get icon_biggrin.gif


It will be used for mainly Geocaching, however I would like to use it in the car occansionally as well so it must be a mapping GPS with at least 8MB of RAM to hold a good size map....


Currently I am looking at the following units:


Garmin eTrex Vista

Garmin GPS V

Garmin Map76s


I'm leaning towards the Vista as it is cheaper than the others, but if the others perform better I would definately consider them....


My main concern is signal reception in the "woods". If anyone has any of the above units how well does yours perform under tree cover? Or in a car?


If anyone has recommendations for receivers other that what I have listed above please post them!

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Magellan SporTrak Pro has a reputation of having good reception in the woods. But there is some debate about whether or not the reception is real or "projected" based on recent reception.


This model has mapping and 23MB of memory for maps plus 9MB for base map. It can be used in car, but I would recommend a vehicle mount and DC cable for it.

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I gotta say that I love my Legend! I think that the Vista is basically a Legend with 3X memory + Altimeter + Compass. The only cache that I couldn't find was one that wasn't there! I do occasionally lose a signal in the woods, but then pick it back up if I move around a little. It works very well in the car (I have a suction cup mounting bracket that I bought on Ebay) - never lost a signal, even on shaded mountainous roads in West Virginia.


The one big drawback of the Legend is the 8MB of memory. It doesn't allow many map sets when using MetroGuide. The Vista's 24MB would be a great improvement for me, but still I think that is a bit small. I was looking at an eMap which features programmable memory cards - up to 128MB that can use the same MapSource maps! Yeah, baby! I'd be happy with that! I'm thinking about getting the eMap for the car and keeping the Legend for caching and walking around.


Does anybody have any experience with the eMaps?

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From what you said. GPS V.


You can use it in the car to route yourself.

You can get an external anteana to help with reception in tree cover. Without the external help it's on a par with the Magellan for tree cover.


The Vista won't be as good under tree cover but we are talking 95% as good so it's rather a moot point.


The magellan will lose it's lock and keep telling you which way to go. That's the projected waypoint thing discussed.


The V will tell you immediatly it's got no signal and quit telling you which way to go.

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This all boils down to what you want to spend and what you want the GPS to do. If you are just into ocassional geocaching and don't want to spend over $100 dollars. Get your basic GPSr with no loadable maps.


If you want detailed maps then be prepared to spend more. Remember most GPSes do not come with detailed maps, so you'll need to consider this as you are buying maps software.


Ask your friends to try out their GPS or at minimum have them show you what theirs can do.


I've seen the Garmin III+ it is a good unit, but a bit thin on memory for detailed maps... If you want more memory, look at the Garmin V. I've tried out the Rino, and although I like the screens, but I had problems with it while using it at the airport (hard lockups which required removal of the batteries).


Lastly consider the terrain you will be using your GPSr. If you live in an area where it is nice flat open space, then any GPS will do. However go caching in an area with obstructions, you might consider spending a little more on a unit that has a decent receiver.

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icon_wink.gif 16 shades of gray. 19 megs of ram (Enough for all of San Diego and half of Riverside counties). Garmin makes it. Check it out on Ebay - pretty good prices. Had mine for 18 months and happy with it.

I will eventually get the Ique 3600, but will see how it works before even thinking about getting rid of the V.



"Anyone not here, raise your hand!".

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Originally posted by hammack:

Magellan SporTrak Pro has a reputation of having good reception in the woods. But there is some debate about whether or not the reception is real or "projected" based on recent reception.


I have a Magellan SportTrak Map, and it works great. You can turn on an alarm that will let you know if you lose satellite lock just like the Garmin's, only difference is that it doesn't lose the lock as often icon_wink.gif


I just came back from a cache in which many logs comment on having a hard time keeping the link. I turned on the alarm and watched my satellites, only time I lost the lock was after I found the cache and had attached the GPSr to my belt clip. Under the trees, against my body, below my arms, and the alarm finally went off. I believe they are still running rebates on the Magellans right now too.

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