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Best current GPS unit for Geocaching

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I've been away for several years due to a couple of surgeries but I'm ready to get back to it. I have my old Montana 800 and am curious what the current unit would be that is equivalent.

Thanks for replies.


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See the thread from just a few days ago:

But there's a reality that GPSes don't degrade (well, unless you left batteries in it while recovering) and Garmin's out of ideas. If you were happy with your Montana, it should still work as well as it ever did. The new units might be better in some super incremental ways, but there aren't huge differences in the actual player experience. It's not like tracking 38 SVs instead of 32 is going to help you much when the placer hid it with a phone and mistyped the coordinates when listing the cache page.

Sure, the touch screen on an Oregon 600 is more responsive and the UX faster than that of an Oregon 400 (both models are discontinued, emphasizing my point...) but it's not like you're going to have 10% more fun replacing hardware that's a few generations back. If you're suitably determined, you can put aerial imagery on units that are 18 years old. Any of the Montanas (hint, there wasn't an 800) were pretty high-end devices, so as a fellow patient, my advice would be to get back on your feet responsibly, go outside, and play!


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On 5/9/2024 at 10:14 PM, Fiver1 said:

I apologize.  Mine is actually  the Montana 600.

I own 2 600's. Now own a 700 and would take a 700 anyday over the 600. If money isn't an issue go for a 700. Large but fit's in my shirt pocket or pack. Battery life is amazing if setup right to record all day. 

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