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  1. This option has been requested of Garmin on multiple occasions, unfortunately they have not yet seen fit to implement on any of their devices.
  2. Please visit GPSrChive > How To... > Benchmark
  3. Even more interesting! I use NGS->GPX and it does not do that for me (so I must have edited the settings somewhere to prevent it if that was the default behavior). I was under the impression the OP marked them this way to identify them as Geocaches because that is what they stated:
  4. Interesting. HO0629 St George Mormon Temple Spire uses the 'Locationless' symbol, but is not a geocache, but rather a Benchmark. MS0594 K 380 has the "?" symbol, and is a Benchmark, not a geocache. MS0084 T 9 also uses the "?" symbol, and is also a Benchmark, not a geocache.
  5. Wrong sir. The GPX file he uploaded, and you tested, has multiple errors, which I have pointed out above.
  6. To be clear, this only solves half of the problem. The GPX file formatting must also be corrected. Also, I don't feel 'inappropriate' is a suitable description for the "$" symbol, as this is the currency recognized and used world-wide. It is very convenient Garmin allows us to substitute our own symbols where needed.
  7. You can see one of your issues in that very screen capture! Some Benchmarks are displayed as Puzzle/Mystery caches! How was the data collected and processed before importing into GSAK? The quick and dirty fast fix for your current GPX file is to open it in notepad or another text editor of your liking and: 1. Edit all <sym></sym> tags to read <sym>Geocache</sym>. 2. Edit all <type></type> tags to read <type>Geocache</type>. 3. Save the edited GPX file and copy to your GPSr:\Garmin\GPX\ directory. 4. Copy the desired custom Benchmark symbol to your Garmin GPSr:\Garmin\CustomSymbols\ directory and rename it to Geocache.bmp. Please see GPSrChive > How To... > Waypoints > Custom Waypoint Symbols > GPSrChive Custom Symbols to find some Benchmark waypoint symbols that are ready to use. I am working on a tutorial to walk you through each step of creating Benchmark 'Geocaches' for your Garmin GPSr so that you will not have this issue in the future. Stay tuned for that....
  8. Thank you! How was this GPX created? I can see multiple issues with it already....
  9. The GPX file is in fact not OK.
  10. What do you see on your Oregon 700? Screen captures might be helpful.
  11. Any more progress to report?
  12. No Garmin GPSr recognizes Benchmarks. The screen captures I shared required a series of special steps to simulate Benchmarks on the Garmin GPSr. I also have those models, and none of them do this without also following a specific workflow to make it happen. I am very interested in finding out what is being done with your friends Montana 7x0 and GPSMAP 62 that i snot working with your Oregon 7x0. Those screen captures were taken from my Oregon 7x0. Please send me your Benchmark GPX file so I can have a look at it, and I will help you achieve what you desire with your Oregon 700.
  13. Can you please share that file with me for testing on my Montana 7x0 and GPSMAP 62?
  14. No Garmin GPSr recognizes benchmarks. You will have to use one of the symbols that are recognized. I have benchmarks loaded on all my Garmin devices and can search and find and log them just like a geocache.
  15. And the Montana 7x0 is only going to get even better!
  16. May I please ask what software you are using to extract that data and produce the spreadsheets? I recently submitted some Rinex logs (*.21O) from my 66sr to NOAA/USGS and they couldn't use them. Show me how to do your testing, and I will report my results!
  17. I have LoJack devices on my equipment. They have a neat app to track and monitor your vehicles and battery health, etc. And you can set up geo-fences to get notifications when the vehicle crosses those boundaries.
  18. Be advised, the geocache list page on any Garmin GPSr will only display the first 1000 geocaches within 100 miles nearest the current receiver position.
  19. Please see GPSrChive GPSMAP 64 > Pages > Geocaches And How To... > Geocaching For detailed instructions.
  20. That is not the correct directory. Please review my prior post. Geocache GPX files must be placed into either the [GPSr:]/Garmin/GPX or [microSD:]/Garmin/GPX/ directories. Geocache GGZ files must be placed into either the [GPSr:]/Garmin/GGZ or [microSD:]/Garmin/GGZ/ directories.
  21. What process, step-by-step, are you using to get your PQs onto the GPSMAP 64? Where are you looking on the GPSMAP 64 to find geocaches? What filters do you have enabled? What is "The Directory"? Geocache GPX files must be placed into either the [GPSr:]/Garmin/GPX or [microSD:]/Garmin/GPX/ directories. Geocache GGZ files must be placed into either the [GPSr:]/Garmin/GGZ or [microSD:]/Garmin/GGZ/ directories. Are you first unzipping the downloaded PQs, then moving the unzipped GPX files to the device?
  22. Do you not like that cover? Many additional options are listed at GPSrChive.
  23. I do the same using custom abbreviations that GSAK automatically converts into meaningful text for each log. I can then add time stamps, photos, and automatically log travel bugs as well, as well as enter specific information from each cache before GSAK uploads everything to geocaching.com for me.
  24. Since you insist The GPSrChive > How to... > Geocaching page has many examples of what can and can not be done when loading geocache data to the device using different methods, and provided examples of how that information might be viewed and used. Also, the GPSrChive > eTrex x0x > Pages > Geocaches page also provides many different screen captures and descriptions that answer both the first and second question as well as providing abundant amounts of additional information they may not even be ware of. There are many Groundspeak forum users that have expressed gratitude for the help I have provided here over the years, and it is really a shame that a 'few' might work so hard at preventing them from having access to all available help and information resources.
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