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  1. Wanted to give this app a go to see how much I liked it, but it is nothing from problems from the get go. Running it the first time after installation, the Locus app infirm me that my data is all in the wrong folder and can not be used. What data? I just opened it for the very first time. It doesn't say what data, just wants permission to move things around on my phone. Against my better judgement, I agree, but it then says it can't find my data and I need to select the circuit that has my data from an internal device folder tree. No thank you. This app is garbage, and no longer resides on my phone. Zero stars. All the apps listed at GPSrChive have been thoroughly tested, and none have issues like this.
  2. There are multiple Geocaching apps suggested at GPSrChive > How To... > Software.
  3. If the GPSMAP 64 has any geocaches loaded from a non premium geocaching member account, they will all default to this less usable format. You must clear the entire GPX directory, reboot, then carefully reload premium member GPX downloads only.
  4. To answer the actual question asked, no, there is no current direct competitor to Garmin Outdoor Handheld GPSr. They have destroyed all competitors. My first Garmin was also an Oregon x00. Then an Oregon x50. Both served me well, but I personally find no joy in using old technology, so I update to newer models quite frequently. In my opinion, there was never a more capable and greater value for the money geocaching GPSr than the Oregon 7x0. Still available as New old stock or refurbished from multiple sources. Other Garmin models offer additional features and capabilities, but the Oregon 7x0 is still an excellent solution for those who desire a rugged geocaching GPSr, not a phone. See GPSrChive for more details.
  5. Just add a short strip of soft ribbon under the batteries, perpendicular to their +- orientation, laying both ends across the top of the installed batteries, and gently tug upward when they need to be removed. You know, like almost every single electronic gadget from the 70's and 80's?
  6. Each time you power the device on, if the current date is later than the date of the last track point in the current track log recording, that track log recording is auto archived, and a new track log is started. I have never tested to see what happens if the device is powered on and recording a track log before, during, and after the stroke of midnight for the time zone the device is currently located in.
  7. Set auto archive to daily, determine the size of a daily recording and divide that into available memory.
  8. Yes. Garmin Express is working OK for me on my Windows 10 x64 machine.
  9. Can you try a different machine and/or internet connection?
  10. What firmware version on eTrex 30? When you set Geocache Filter to hide geocaches, they still appear on Map page?
  11. You are referencing accuracy, not precision. The 4th digit is all about precision, not accuracy.
  12. Lots of great info on this subject at GPSrChive.com > How To... > Maps
  13. For those who want GSAK interoperability with their Android phone, have a look at the GDAK app.
  14. Just start googling 'Blackview' and find the model the has the price and options that work best for you.
  15. If it had to be an eTrex, Garmin now only produces and offers the 22x and 32x variants. The eTrex Touch is similar in size and requires far less button pressing, but you will have to find one that is remaining new stock or used. Or you can move up to a larger GPSMAP device, available in 64x, 65s, and 66sr variants. Many options here.
  16. Rename the file, and let the device create a new one to replace it. Do not edit that file.
  17. You can also continue the 'Brute Force' method of restarting the device every few minutes until perhaps one time the GPS chipset firmware update finally completes.
  18. Sounds like the GPS chip may be failing... Please contact Garmin and ask how they can help you. Suggest to them they may want this unit for R&D purposes. Remember, you catch more flies with Honey!
  19. While true, I doubt most geocachers are going to consider this formula while Geocaching.
  20. Please use the information found at GPSrChive > GPSMAP 66 > Firmware to install an older firmware version, then attempt the GPS Software update again while the older firmware is installed.
  21. Most modern consumer grade GPS receivers, both dedicated and smartphone, when operated in the best possible conditions, are capable of reporting their current position to within about 15 feet. Of course, this will vary based on the actual hardware used and ambient conditions when used. Regarding Geocache Posted Coordinates, please always remember: 1. The device used by the person who captured the posted coordinates could have been 'off' by 15 feet or more, AND 2. The device used by the person searching for the geocache may also be 'off' by 15 feet or more, AND 3. ANY satellite imagery or other map used to determine what is located at the posted coordinates will ALSO be 'off' by an undisclosed distance This all adds up to easily 30+ feet of device error under the best circumstances, and any map used may also mislead you, although unintentionally. As stated above by kunarion, most veteran geocachers will put the GPS device away once they are within about 20-30 feet of ground zero, and then start using their experience, and 'geosense' along with the geocache description and any available hints or tips to find the actual geocache location. The more you find, the better you will get at 'making assumptions' about potential hiding places based on the surrounding terrain, but this can also get some veteran geocachers into trouble when the geocache owner has been thinking 'outside the box'. It is all part of the game we all enjoy immensely!
  22. GPS Software still at 0.00 in Setup > About? What is EPO Status?
  23. Ok, please connect to computer with Garmin Express to reload required updates. If you have similar rebooting issue before update is completed, remove microSD card and try again.
  24. What is the GPS version in the Setup > About page?
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