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  1. Yea I love this 700.. owned many garmin hand helds since 1998 and this one is so nice.
  2. Can't you shut off inreach and try the unit then? My track is very accurate. I have saved tracks since 1998 of hundreds of hikes all around the country. And this 700 has been awesome in tracking and accuracy with the Galieo added.
  3. I totally agree. I put over 100 miles of all day hikes on it since July alone and never had issues with battery life or map issues since bought new last winter. I run it all day long and never shut it down until the end of these all day hikes. And constantly have at least 75 % battery life left. I tried the AA pack and found it not only heavier but much more bulkier. The Lithium pack has been awesome for my all day use. Charges fast and last's alot longer then aa's. I did buy another LI pack for back up but never have used it. The maps load fast zooming in etc for me. I have Garmin only topo's like 24k northeast and most of NH in birdseye installed. I've owned many hand held Garmins since 1998 and this is the best for use so far. The only thing I don't like is if I forget to hit the power button twice to put the screen black and in sleep mode while hiking it will jam up the screen so I have to re start it but it doesn't loose the activity or tracking while jammed. Odd. No big deal as I love the unit.
  4. I wonder if were one uses it matters. I know how one carry's it matters. I have used the Montana 680 series for years with GPS/Glonass with WAAS on and always had excellent accuracy. I do turn it on at the trailhead or before use for a few mintues first and often use it 3 4 5 hrs or more with it tracking the whole time. I download ever single track that was saved for that day and analyze on PC then save in a folder. Done this since 1995 with many different gpsr's. And now with the 700 I use gps/galileo with waas on. Same results.
  5. Heck I don't do that although years ago we hiked the larger peaks in winter and I carried two for safety backup etc. But my wife carries one as we always go cacheing or hiking together plus I have other gpsr's for snowmachines as well.
  6. I hear ya. I see it has Gorilla Glass now. I've busted a bunch of those on my phones. I keep it in a simi hard case by Niteez. On my chest strap on the larger day pack or in my front hiking shirt wife pockets. With screen facing my body in both carry styles.
  7. This is true. If one reads all the data on Lithium Ion vs NiMH it's easy to see why Garmin chose Lithium paks. And why Lithium paks are better for phones,etc. In the case of the 700 the Lithium pack is 3100 mah. @ 1.3 v. VS AA Panasonic Pro's at 2450 1.2 v's. Lithium Ion pack will charge faster, hold the power curve longer, better shelf life, very light weight, give longer hours of use. I tried the aa pack. 1. it protudes way out of the back of the 700 making a brick a concrete block. 2. it didn't perform nearly as good on hours,etc. I sent it back and few dollars more got another Lithium pack for backup out. 3. The aa pack with charged 2450's make the brick as heavy as a concrete block. I thought the size would be a huge issue but it doesn't at all after getting settled in with it. It fits nicely in all my hiking shirt pockets as well as a case for my large daypack Arcteryx Kea 37. It carry's well and can't feel the difference between the 680T I use to carry on the pack or this 700. Probably cause the AA's add weight to the 680.
  8. I like large screens. Was using the Montana 680 until recently and now the 700. Love the 700's screen and the way it functions but it is a brick. Also I've had a couple of times when the screen would not function. Not sure why? moisture from light rain? or drizzle? restarting helped. The 66 series is a great unit. If I could live with a small screen I would go with that one.
  9. My thoughts on battery life and this 700. I found it has excellent life if proper settings are done. I find a 5 hr day running with 3 sec track point drops leaves me with at least 75 % or more battery left. Wifi off bluetooth off backlight off and screen shut off. I bought and tried the AA pack and didn't like it. It protruded off the back side and adding 3 aa NiMH's made this brick real heavy. And you only get 2450 MaH vs 3100 and only 1.2 v's with NiMH. I can see why Garmin came out with the Li pack. So I bought a spare Li pack. They are light charge fast, hold a charge for months, don't protude, give much better performance and hours. You can always carry a power bank to recharge them. I must say after owning many Garmin handhelds since 1998 this one besides being a brick is awesome. I've gotten use to it's size. It fits nicely in my outdoor shirt pockets and also in a case on my shoulder strap Aryter'x Kea 37 pack.
  10. The wife has a 66st. She's thinking of taking over my Montana 680. Bigger screen. We have a ResQLink PBL that will do the job if ever needed so I have no need for a subscription and Inreach. I too have read the issues with the 700i and normal gps uses and agree. I probably should find one to hold and test and see if the size will turn me off more then the benefits. No stores around me carry them might have to order one.
  11. Do you like the 700 for it's functions,etc over the 600 series? putting aside the size of it.
  12. I wouldn't mind a little bit larger then current 600 series with the capibility of the newest gps functions for accuracy.
  13. It's a brick for sure. I carry my beloved Montana 680T on either the front chest strap in a pouch on my large backpack and when using my small pack I put it in a front shirt pocket. I was thinking of getting this Montana 700 but it's so huge and I'm not sure if I can carry it the ways I do above with comfort or practical wise. I was hoping for an upgrade to the Montana 6** series but this is extreme. Tough for me to grasp it. How are you 700 owners doing with it?
  14. Too bad they stole the name. As this new Montana is no way near what it was. So we have the choice now from a small unit like the 66SR to the Brick Montanna.
  15. The 700 is a brick. A improved 680 style is what's needed.
  16. I rarely need to change batteries. Usually it's because I forgot to charge them or didn't have time. In one case I gave mine to my wife who forgot to charge her's. I then used the Garmin pack I carry for backup which wouldn't of worked in her's. 680 vs 66st. The technology has gotten to a good point with rechargables. I would assume Garmin has used a quality product in that system. On a side note I saw a review were he compared the 66st vs 66sr and 65 and 64. He said by going to the 65 you get a larger upgrade and retain the accuracy gains of the new system. And can still have battery changes. Good point by the smaller screen turns me off. I hope the 680 get's a upgrade to the new multi gps system soon actually like these others have.
  17. Can't change the battery pack at all ? No AA option either like the ST it seems.
  18. I've had nothing but great service from Garmin since 1998. And recently Bethany as well went way out of her way to get me my replacement. And I got it for free out of warranty actually.
  19. If there was a great market for it others would be in. If you think there is a market start a company to beat them. Garmin is doing a great job. I don't want to pay $1000 for hardware like in my crappy Note 8. Don't need it or want it. I remember when we didn't have any GPS's at all and in my Captain and fishing work we had Loran C which sucked compared to gps. Garmin jumped way out in this field and I love what they've done and what they have period. Having owned many models of Sea,Land,Roads from them from them. People expect too much. Complain and bitching is never ending in business of any kind. Ask me how I know. On a side note I love their Sport Pro Dog E-Collar. Amazing piece of hardware compared to other brands. Typical Garmin quality. Saved my puppy from being shipped out to a new home.
  20. People knock Garmin around over the years but they still can and do make an awesome product. Hard to find "awesome products" these days. We bought the Garmin Sport Pro Dog E-Collar and it's built with quality like the 66ST and takes the same clips to carry it. Love it as it trained our stubborn dog in 2 weeks or less.
  21. We went from the 700 to 66st and won't go back.
  22. Probably wasn't an real engineer. I doubt they would talk to someone in the users field unless it was an emergency of sort.
  23. I save my tracks into Basecamp and Mapsource then convert the to gpx by using MS i.e. save as gpx. Then open NG Topo and under handhelds go to import wizard. Import from gps file that has tracks,routes,etc. Then choose make as single track. I then save as tpo file. If I want more tracks on a file I use "file then merge tpo file. Been doing this since NG first issue of Topo. I have the later one as well. Yes it's a good program but limited as all the rest are. Thus I use MS Basecamp as well. I too have tracks datiing back to 1995. First used with external antennas on my packs until Glonass came on the seen.
  24. That still doesn't hold a candle to a Garmin Handheld. It's comparable to the 20 yr old Garmins.
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