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Adventure guidelines - physical stations


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The guidelines state that no physical stations may be placed on an adventure. This is understandable, since there is no verification process for the labs. 
But how can it be allowed to put up UV writings? 
Such an adventure is in the spotlight on the blog.
Am I misunderstanding the guideline now?
Can I now use adventures to get around spacing conflicts? 



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That particular Adventure was placed back in 2020 (the oldest review is 2020-11-10), when the guidelines were different.


The new guideline banning physical placements did not apply retroactively.

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Just now, Hügh said:

Wait, I'm wrong.


No, I'm wrong again. The Wayback-archived guidelines from the previous post are actually from 2021-10-06 (note that the content is dynamically loaded from https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.page&inc=1&id=928.) So it is possible that the guidelines did permit physical placements in 2020 (I'm pretty sure they did...?)

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Okay, so if at that time possibly it was allowed, then I do not want to grumble.
But with these Lab make advertising for Labs I find difficult. Not that soon people think it would be okay to place physical stations. 
Until now labs are not checked by a reviewer and it should not be necessary.
But if physical stations are then built into LABS to be able to avoid distance conflicts in the city, I think that is not fair to the geocachers who have to fight with the conflicts in the review process.

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1 hour ago, KRON family said:

My personal opinion - it's a violation.

Physical Adventures are not allowed since February 10, 2020. We do not know when exactly this Adventure was created. Bonus cache was published in November 2020, but Adventure may be older.


Ah, good to know the proper date.


The Adventure was made public on 2020-11-21, so this is indeed a proper violation of the guidelines.

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Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We made a mistake highlighting an Adventure that does not meet the current Adventure Lab guidelines. We have therefore added the following text to the top of the blog post:


"Disclaimer: Oops! We missed a key detail before publishing this blog post. The Adventure highlighted in this blog post uses UV writing, which is considered a physical object and is not allowed in Adventures per the Adventure Lab® guidelines."

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5 minutes ago, OusKonNé & Cétyla said:

In the same order of ideas, are NFC Tags considered as physical objects and therefore, are not allowed in Adventures per the Adventure Lab guidelines?


I would assume so, since they are something you placed there and not something already part of the environment. If I was creating a regular cache with an NFC waypoint, I'd list that waypoint as physical, not virtual.

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1 hour ago, OusKonNé & Cétyla said:

In the same order of ideas, are NFC Tags considered as physical objects and therefore, are not allowed in Adventures per the Adventure Lab guidelines?


Your question is not very clear.

If you place a new NFC Tag on an object for the purpose of this AL, then it is not allowed.

If there is an NFC Tag already, probably part of a regular cache or anything else, then this Tag may be used as a stage of the AL.

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