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I can't delete a photograph from a trackable.


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I have the same issue with these two TB logs:



I made both logs on April 5th, each developed duplicate photos, maybe I uploaded them twice into each log?


And ever since, it appears that I can't delete any photos from any TB log.  But I've only tried one or two.  This was in Brave Browser, and I haven't tried other browsers nor clearing browser data.


[EDIT]:  After I posted the log links above, which were each opening a log, now they also intermittently go to Error 500.  My non-expert opinion is that a server needs to be turned off and then back on.


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Some technical stuff went on behind the scenes on April 5th, so when two of my TB logs went wrong, I began to think that maybe TPTB weren't yet quite finished moving hamsters.  That I simply should have waited, or at least that I should wait and try deleting the extra photos later.  But it seems to still be broken.


I tried just now to upload a new photo to a TB log, and although no extra copy appeared, it's producing the same Error 500 if I try to delete it.


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I deleted my TB logs, and the first time I visited their link, the archived logs were in view, and shown as Archived.  Upon Refresh, they present Error 500.


I then uploaded a photo to https://coord.info/TL1P0W8P7, and then deleted the photo just fine.  I re-uploaded it, and now cannot delete it (Error 500).  It's almost like I can perform one view or edit unless I reload, at which point the Error 500 may be locked in.  Weird.


But archiving the log also archived the extra photos.  So on one of the TBs, I created a new Discover log, and then was able to uploaded just the photos I wanted.


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