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You have to download a Smartphone App, for Android it is



Ones you start the app, you see some markers on a map, those are the LabCache in your area.  Click on one and the LabCache will open,  probably 5 locations, indicated by little round dots.

One is highlight and you have to navigate to this location.  If you are close enough, the button top right will change from "come closer" to answer Question" Click and answer the question.  If correct, you can navigate to the next location.  Once finished all 5 locations you can leave a comment to the owner of the LabCache.


Sounds complicated, but start playing it, it is easy to play and it can be a lot of fun.

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5 minutes ago, MeanderingMs said:

In other words it is a lot like a Wherigo ?


Only in the sense that you navigate to locations and answer questions to proceed.  Each location in an AL counts as a "Find", and there are no physical containers or logs to sign - it's all done in the phone app.  There are also no distance/proximity limitations with geocaches or other Adventure Labs.

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