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Memory Lane Souvenirs

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Just for the record, I completed the promotion today. It took me 29 finds to get the 200 points, with most being 7-point mysteries from puzzles I'd solved during the lockdown or earlier in the year. There were four 10-pointers from 10+ FP caches. The closest cache to home was at Cowan, 11km as the crow flies but 40km by road, the rest were up around Newcastle (100km by road), Eraring near Morisset (70km by road) and in the Watagan Mountains (70km by road).



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I am happy to say that I actually was able to qualify for all the souvenirs.  This is a rare thing since I'm an older cacher and do NOT climb trees for safety reasons.  Also I only get caches now when I drive to get groceries(not in my county) or medical appointments.


It is nice that geocaching.com realizes we can't all power cache and made this challenge so most of the active cachers can obtain the goal.  Thank you for thinking of us-much appreciated!

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I like the souvenirs. I like the challenge caches for a similar reason. They give extra dimensions to the game; something more to do, than just running up the numbers. I like the additional goals.


I would love it if GS could add some extra souvenirs on for the more active cachers, especially because the time has been extended.


It would be great to have some larger goals. I finished getting these souvenirs before I had much of a chance to enjoy shooting for them. It would be fun to watch my progress toward more.


It would be nice to have some geared toward newer cachers, and some toward some avid cachers.



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3 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

For those of you who have something to say about the Memory Lane promotion, I hope you complete the survey, if you get one. :D


Got a survey, just completed it.  Iwas chuckling over the initial intro statement - "Thank you for participating in the promotion!" - when you really have no choice; "participation" is automatic when you find caches.  Then one of questions addresses this... anyway, I completed it and had my say....

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