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  1. MY reviewer unarchived one of mine, since I only archived it for Covid concerns of my sister in 2020. I stated the reason in the archiving note. I was pleased by Geocrater's help in this matter. It is a family friendly ammo can in Fargo, ND.
  2. I have been caching for a few years and I still use a basic model. Dakota 20 ( disconnected and now replaced with the Garmin Etrex 22). A good friend of mine uses a Garmin Extrex 10 and has over 7K in finds. You can get the most basic model for approximately 109. I like my Dakota since I can hook it up and download my lists of caches.
  3. Just want to say Thank you for the having a "challenge" for souvenirs that was easier for a rural cacher like me to complete. I had to drive 150 miles to get the "brief on the case" souvenir as I had done the caches in my area that had that starting one. Lucky for me I did not have to drive out of my way for that solo souvenir. I hope your 2021 challenge (s) will please keep this in mind as some areas are NOT having any new caches because of Covid. Have a happy holiday season!
  4. I look up ahead of time just exactly where I am going on a map on a cheap smartphone(and I do mean cheap) I own. I usually do ONE cache as my area rarely receives a new hide since I moved here in 2017 in retirement. It has been a long time since I had to change my batteries. If I would ever power cache again-I would charge up the NiMH ones. I don't think that is happening soon. My husband has underlying medical issues and with the virus...trips are made for groceries and medical issues, caching is a side thing for "fun".
  5. Wow! I checked my battery selection correctly BUT I had the battery save on. I only turn my GPS on when I am less than 2 miles from the cache to save juice already. Thank you community( ecanderson and Atlas cached) for the quick and educational answers. Asking Garmin in the past with my LegendCx was a painful experience, so that is why I asked here. This little old granny appreciates the help!
  6. I want this to be a surprise when I find a cache, so I will just wait to see what happens or doesn't happens. I have so few caches in my area (rural South Dakota), so just getting a cache brightens my day. Good luck to those who seek the higher goal.
  7. After a minute my screen goes blank and I have to push the power button. I have tried putting fresh batteries in, but it does it every time now. I have made sure to keep the unit update with Garmin. Thank you!
  8. I am happy to say that I actually was able to qualify for all the souvenirs. This is a rare thing since I'm an older cacher and do NOT climb trees for safety reasons. Also I only get caches now when I drive to get groceries(not in my county) or medical appointments. It is nice that geocaching.com realizes we can't all power cache and made this challenge so most of the active cachers can obtain the goal. Thank you for thinking of us-much appreciated!
  9. The only cache I have disabled is at my sister's house. She said she was going to put the ammo can in the garage until things clear up. She called me and said she was uncomfortable now that people that might be a silent carrier would be coming on her land. I put in my log there is NOTHING wrong with the cache and it would it return.
  10. I just uploaded two photos from a caching event and one of the photos came up twice. How do I ditch the extra photo without deleting my log? This has not happen to me for years and I never took care of it then-my boo boo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the interesting remarks! Glad there is NOT some unofficial "game" for the taking favorite points. I am going to think that those cachers would have removed favorite points really need them to give to others based on their own personal guidelines. Happy caching!
  12. Suddenly I am experiencing more than one cacher removing favorite points from my caches. For all 5 caches-they have been archived for over a year. Is there a new game being played--where people are switching favorite points around to help "other" hiders gain favorite points to add to their popularity. I have not written (or texted) any of the involved parties, because I don't want to look like a sore loser. But if there is a new "thing" I would like to know about it. I understand that people could accidentally award a favorite point to a cache and want to remove it and give it to the right hide-but years after the fact?! Please understand that I had a hard time figuring out "throwdowns" finds when I was just logging DNF. I didn't realize at the time that some people were more interested in the numbers than actually finding it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I had fun today in Brookings finding one cache that was not where it was supposed to be...it was broken with an unsignable log. I performed maintenance on it and it is back in play for others. This is one of my biggest joys of caching. Be able to help the game besides HIDING caches. You guys can just play at your game and I will enjoy mine.?
  14. I am an old granny who started caching back in 2005 before smartphones and data plans. I still use a GPS and log on.the website. This challenge is way beyond me. I opted completely out. I will just try and find my One cache tomorrow when I do my drive from rural SD to a big town ( over 20 thousand). I can't find any in my town because I am the hider. Too bad "the powers" forgot about us "dinos". I will just be able to get a smiley and leave all of this high tech stuff to others.
  15. It would have been nice for that cacher to PM XHawk with details about find FIRST if a pen is forgot or does not work. I have sent a photo when I was unable a non locking cache (it was stuck) and I did not want to break it (thus I couldn't sign the log). The CO went and did maintenance on the cache and put my name on the sheet since I alerted them to the problem. That was much appreciated. I have in the past allowed a find without a pen if the cacher lets me know about a problem. I feel it is up to cacher to provide that EXTRA information to the hider and it should not be up to the CO to do the extra.
  16. Thank you Kunarion for the help. Glad I am a premium member so I can check on events. Love your cute photo too.
  17. Bummer! I used that state page feature Every day. What do I use instead? Searching by a city is very time consuming and I would like to know about upcoming events? Example: August 2/3 weekend I will be traveling to Twin Cities for my high school reunion. I would like to know if there is an event in the area. Thank you.
  18. I get an Error message 404 when I tapped on my state page? What can I do to get it back? Thanks.
  19. I would like to create a challenge (not a puzzle) and want to know how you can get project gc to help you? The only challenges I have created was before they changed the rules. Thanks in advance!
  20. I started caching in 2005 with someone who had less than 50 finds. Thank goodness we did NOT have this system back then as I would have said NO. Today I am a senior citizen who uses a Garmin that allows uploading, but no smartphone (or apps). I have enough to understand without all this filter stuff. Please go back to old searching method. Both seniors and techies could use it. Please remember that not all progress is forward. To the rear MARCH! Thanks!
  21. I ended up calling Garmin and I tried ALL the simple solutions offered and nothing worked so then I called the next day, I was connected to a software specialist. This nice man (Darrell) told me he had NEVER seen a line 105 error. I gave him permission to take control of my computer (I do not have any sensitive material on this windows 7 computer). He was able to "FORCE" a connection between the Garmin plugin and the Garmin software. Both my GPS62s and Dakota 20 now accept data through my USB port. What was weird was both registrations were not showing either until the Garmin dashboard was checked. I'm much happier now!
  22. I'm having a similar problem with my GPSmap 62S and rebooting it did NOT fix the problem. I need non Geek language help, just nice easy steps. I have called Garmin and they blame geocaching, so I tried opencaching with the same results. I have the latest versions of plugin, but the device is not recognized. Using the firefox browser it says line 105 error. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  23. I have only one if you are interested let me know.
  24. Do you mean my home coordinates? There are in Moorhead, Minnesota - less than 1 mile from the North Dakota border. If you mean something else-please explain how I can change things? Thanks
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