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  1. I have a cheap smartphone and it works for geocaching (though I use my Garmin 62s) but it locks up on ALs. Is there a solution besides buying an expensive "smartie".? Thanks!
  2. Happiness is...HQ has restored my find to GC1XEAM. I am hoping the matter is now closed. My thanks to the HQ for checking the facts. good job and much appreciated.
  3. No reply from the CO regarding my deleted log. I have appealed to HQ as advised by my South Dakota reviewer. There are 4 people (including me) watching this earthcache GC1XEAM for future developments. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. I have emailed the CO and nicely ask why was my log deleted? I will wait for 7 days for a response before appealing. I think the CO has overreacted to the needs maintenance and might settle down and see that I am not the problem. I will post next Wednesday or sooner if I get that requested response. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. It was only after I posted NM that my log was deleted. I heard from another communication method I "rubbed the CO's fur the wrong way". How do I appeal to Geocaching HQ ?
  6. On April 11th, 2022 I stopped at an earthcache GC1XEAM Coteau des Prairies and found NO information sign required on that date. I posted photos showing the rest area and gave what information I could gather at that time. Since that time I notified the CO with DETAILED information regarding the fate of the missing sign (the same night). I talked to at state employee (not a requirement) to gather the information. I have even emailed the director of the SD rest area regarding the sign which is NOT on the rest area site and will not be available this month. On April 19th after posting needs maintenance to warn other cachers and the reviewer of the problem, my "found" log was deleted by the CO. Included in my deleted log was the two photos I have included in a "note". I also noticed that the description and requirements has been changed. I think geocaching.com has the power to see the original posted information. Well I followed the rules on the 11th. I think I am entitled to a smiley. I would like to hear from others and find out what I did WRONG. Thank you.
  7. Is someone working on the above mentioned programming bugs yet? I live in an area where hiders are scare. Thanks!
  8. With the rising inflation, the virus still around and being on a "fixed income" (retired), I have a tendency to avoid caches where there are fees. I kept this in mind when I placed my virtual (no admission fee). Yes-My caching has been reduced to a small sideline when I am in an area for another reason (medical, shopping or family reunions etc.) to the most part.
  9. I did a search today from my home and found I have moved by the site. No that is not correct. I wonder what is going on? Totally confused.
  10. I am happy to say my virtual GC9P4XC has been published and has had 3 visitors so far! Thank you Geocaching.com for awarding me this virtual. Also a shoutout to Gat R Done, the reviewer.
  11. I would like to clear the old caches from the GPS? Thanks!
  12. MY reviewer unarchived one of mine, since I only archived it for Covid concerns of my sister in 2020. I stated the reason in the archiving note. I was pleased by Geocrater's help in this matter. It is a family friendly ammo can in Fargo, ND.
  13. I have been caching for a few years and I still use a basic model. Dakota 20 ( disconnected and now replaced with the Garmin Etrex 22). A good friend of mine uses a Garmin Extrex 10 and has over 7K in finds. You can get the most basic model for approximately 109. I like my Dakota since I can hook it up and download my lists of caches.
  14. Just want to say Thank you for the having a "challenge" for souvenirs that was easier for a rural cacher like me to complete. I had to drive 150 miles to get the "brief on the case" souvenir as I had done the caches in my area that had that starting one. Lucky for me I did not have to drive out of my way for that solo souvenir. I hope your 2021 challenge (s) will please keep this in mind as some areas are NOT having any new caches because of Covid. Have a happy holiday season!
  15. I look up ahead of time just exactly where I am going on a map on a cheap smartphone(and I do mean cheap) I own. I usually do ONE cache as my area rarely receives a new hide since I moved here in 2017 in retirement. It has been a long time since I had to change my batteries. If I would ever power cache again-I would charge up the NiMH ones. I don't think that is happening soon. My husband has underlying medical issues and with the virus...trips are made for groceries and medical issues, caching is a side thing for "fun".
  16. Wow! I checked my battery selection correctly BUT I had the battery save on. I only turn my GPS on when I am less than 2 miles from the cache to save juice already. Thank you community( ecanderson and Atlas cached) for the quick and educational answers. Asking Garmin in the past with my LegendCx was a painful experience, so that is why I asked here. This little old granny appreciates the help!
  17. I want this to be a surprise when I find a cache, so I will just wait to see what happens or doesn't happens. I have so few caches in my area (rural South Dakota), so just getting a cache brightens my day. Good luck to those who seek the higher goal.
  18. After a minute my screen goes blank and I have to push the power button. I have tried putting fresh batteries in, but it does it every time now. I have made sure to keep the unit update with Garmin. Thank you!
  19. I am happy to say that I actually was able to qualify for all the souvenirs. This is a rare thing since I'm an older cacher and do NOT climb trees for safety reasons. Also I only get caches now when I drive to get groceries(not in my county) or medical appointments. It is nice that geocaching.com realizes we can't all power cache and made this challenge so most of the active cachers can obtain the goal. Thank you for thinking of us-much appreciated!
  20. The only cache I have disabled is at my sister's house. She said she was going to put the ammo can in the garage until things clear up. She called me and said she was uncomfortable now that people that might be a silent carrier would be coming on her land. I put in my log there is NOTHING wrong with the cache and it would it return.
  21. I just uploaded two photos from a caching event and one of the photos came up twice. How do I ditch the extra photo without deleting my log? This has not happen to me for years and I never took care of it then-my boo boo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Thanks for the interesting remarks! Glad there is NOT some unofficial "game" for the taking favorite points. I am going to think that those cachers would have removed favorite points really need them to give to others based on their own personal guidelines. Happy caching!
  23. Suddenly I am experiencing more than one cacher removing favorite points from my caches. For all 5 caches-they have been archived for over a year. Is there a new game being played--where people are switching favorite points around to help "other" hiders gain favorite points to add to their popularity. I have not written (or texted) any of the involved parties, because I don't want to look like a sore loser. But if there is a new "thing" I would like to know about it. I understand that people could accidentally award a favorite point to a cache and want to remove it and give it to the right hide-but years after the fact?! Please understand that I had a hard time figuring out "throwdowns" finds when I was just logging DNF. I didn't realize at the time that some people were more interested in the numbers than actually finding it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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