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APP won't open website


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This morning I noticed it is very difficult to get the normal website, geocaching.com to open. Typing geocaching.com into chrome or picking it from my previous website list makes the app open. Even the links inside the app that say "open in browser" no longer work. They just reopen the app. The only way I could get it to actually open the website is by going to the samsung internet browser.

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Not seeing this, but apparently I haven't the most recent version - works fine on the 8.2.0 version and Android 9.


(Perhaps I won't update to 8.3.0 until after this weekend's caching, as I log my finds via phone but through the website, not the app.)

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This is probably not an issue with the app, but just how Android operates. When a GC link was presented to you Android gives you a list of several apps that can open the link. You can choose to either open the link once or always with the selected app. If you selected always after selecting the app, then any future links will bypass letting you choose which app (like a browser) and automatically use the previously chosen app instead. This is an Android feature. 


To undo this you must go into Android settings, then the section for Apps, select the GC app, locate the Open by Default, and then clear defaults. Your phone may have different terms, but basically your need to follow the same path above. Once cleared you will then be presented a list of apps that can open a GC link so you can choose a browser this time. I rarely select always so that I have control over the selection process.

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I have the same problem that the link in the app Open in the browser does not work anymore. I always used this, so it can't be that my default suddenly would be different. I cleared the default anyhow but it made no difference.


Even when I use a link in your email to read more about a subject, I am redirected to the app where of course none of the text is found.


Hope it will work correctly again soon 

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2 hours ago, Heidevlinder said:

No ?, that was the Website forum. I use Android


It seems to be more an issue of phone settings than either an App or a web site.  Various phones will have their own settings.  And it’s easy to dismiss an annoying pop up by selecting a setting that you will then have to go dig to undo later.


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This was an app problem.

The Geocaching app would tell the Android OS, "Open this website with whatever can do so"

then the Android OS would ask, "Who can open this?"

to which the Geocaching app would reply, "Oh! I can!" because it was literally watching for ALL geocaching.com related web addresses, instead of very specific ones.



Fix is in version 8.4.0 and should be out to everyone very soon.

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