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  1. Google how to install Play Services on the Huawei. Lots of videos. Google Play Services is used by most apps to it is best to get it on the phone.
  2. Geooh GO is the only geocaching app I know of that takes advantage of larger screens by enabling split screens and allowing a fullscreen mode on the map that removes top toolbar, notification and status bars. I haven't tested it on a Chromebook.
  3. I have several fingerprint scans on both hands so if a finger is cut off, at least I can still unlock the phone. 🙂
  4. Most likely the effort to maintain the apps was higher than the revenue gained from app sales so developers finally give in and quit.
  5. They are using the API Groundspeak provided for some basic lab cache data that the API partners are using. The old API with more information was locked down to only the Groundspeak AL app. Or they could be using the database they download from HQ since they have special privileges other partners don't have.
  6. Not exactly true. Phones can use A-GPS (Google that) which combine GPS with triangulation and network servers that provide location data to enhance the GPS readings. It's not a cheat, but an actual improvement over dedicated GPS devices.
  7. Geooh GO is the only app with a pending Android Auto component.
  8. Are you aware Google charges apps and websites for Street View panoramas?
  9. Geooh GO has a little man icon on the map to show Street View for a selected cache without exiting the app.
  10. I was thinking more about apps that can create offline lists from searches in addition to bookmark lists and then periodically refresh the entire list by the same pull down method.
  11. The official app doesn't have a refresh action, but some of the API apps do.
  12. But you can name Geooh GO for Android (and now Cachly on iOS after the recent update) that does exactly that too. Auto visiting TBs easily has been in Geooh for quite some time.
  13. Geooh can use OSM Mapsforge maps. It's not a yearly paid app... $4.99 once and then if you want the features that require ongoing 3rd party services that have a cost, it's only .99 cents every six months... MUCH cheaper than the gas you'll buy while out caching.
  14. Geooh GO for Android can show county boundaries plus shades counties with finds.
  15. Emailing support@geooh.com is a great way to get help. The colors are visual indicators of difficulty... from green 1 to red 5.
  16. It is already in the API... Geooh currently shows a favorite ❤️ on each log that was given a favorite point by the finder.
  17. Tell them to use the Wherigo player in Geooh GO and they won't have that issue. It's not your cartridge, it's the WhereYouGo app that was written to use QR codes as an input source.
  18. Wow, so cheap for what you get. I spend more on coffee before heading out to cache.
  19. No it doesn't... Geooh uses the API to send answers from an Android screen directly to the server... there is no website or webview involved at all. The HQ checker on the website is dynamically built via javascript which makes it impossible to display in a webview outside of a web browser like Chrome. Only API partner apps can integrate the HQ checker using custom Android/iOS screens that are used to enter coordinates and then send them to the API server for validation... no website page is used! Look at the screenshot and show me the equivalent web page that indicates it's been embedded in an app frame.
  20. The HQ solution checker is built into Geooh GO using the API and doesn't require a web browser.
  21. Geooh GO has a log filter
  22. Seriously? How much do you spend on gas while caching? Food? Can't go far with those expenses on less than $5. Geooh does more than just play wherigos... Many other features that can eliminate the need to buy multiple other apps.
  23. It's all much easier using the built-in Wherigo player in Geooh GO.
  24. That is not the public API that authorized partners use.
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