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  1. Have you tried Geooh GO? It easily downloads and runs Wherigo cartridges.
  2. The API apps allow Full or Lite downloads, the Groundspeak app uses Lite only. Selecting a cache in the official app causes a Full download of that cache data... nothing is discarded. Lite is faster which is why some complain about API apps being slow in Full mode when compared to the official app.
  3. Some API apps can show caches and adventures together on the map with each lab stage also visible.
  4. This is an Android 12 issue. Go into Android settings, Apps, select Adventure Lab app, tap Open by default, tap Add link... then check all the links you want Android to send to the AL app. This is how users control which apps respond to specific links.
  5. Android users have had widgets for years... you need to find screen real estate to display whatever size the widget is. That's normal.
  6. Geooh GO and GCDroid if you want Android apps dedicated to geocaching. Cachly on iOS.
  7. Not sure if this is what you're wanting, but Geooh GO allows you to specify filters when loading a GPX file into an offline list.
  8. No, the problem is not the API, it's the app... the log shows fine in Geooh GO.
  9. Or just press Download Cartridge and then play it.
  10. You can view 3D building views on the Android Google maps by changing perspective using 2 fingers slide up on the map and zooming in.
  11. Maybe suggest those Android users try the Wherigo player in Geooh instead of WhereYouGo?
  12. Add Waypoint... Tap the compass button on right side of waypoint field... Tap averaging button lower left. Better yet, email support@geooh.com
  13. Don't know of any iOS app, but Geooh GO for Android can use the OS Ordnance Survey map tiles server. Caches show on top of the map just like any other map layer. Sign up for an API key and use it in the tile server URL.
  14. Default links changed significantly in Android 12. There is a bug with the "feature" though where an app update loses user authorized links. Hopefully, it will be fixed in a future Android update. Geooh GO monitors the default links and can send the user directly to the Android settings screen to easily reset the links again until the bug is corrected.
  15. But Google did do that. Developers are given a window of time to make app changes. After that, Google will not allow updates to existing apps or new ones without the requirements. The big file access changes were to improve security. An app cannot access files without the user giving explicit permission to do so. Some directories can be shared, just not internal app directories. You can create a directory of map files to be shared between apps... I do. The problems occur when older apps were written in a way that structural changes are disruptive to the user.
  16. Geooh GO has been running fine with the ñew file restrictions and has been targeting Android 12 for quite some time. It's not that big a deal if the app is designed well.
  17. Cost is relative... buy a coffee you drink once, or buy an app that costs less, but can be used for years. Sometimes the better apps cost more. Optional subscription is for advanced features that use 3rd party services with ongoing costs. Rating is 4.3 in USA... some countries rate differently. Any Android app can be refunded by Google within 48 hours. After that refunds are provided by the company via support.
  18. No problems with Geooh's built-in Wherigo player. The app can download cartridges for you and then run the player... fully supports Android 12.
  19. Geooh GO runs on tablets and Chromebooks taking advantage of the larger screen size by going into a split-screen mode.
  20. Google how to install Play Services on the Huawei. Lots of videos. Google Play Services is used by most apps to it is best to get it on the phone.
  21. Geooh GO is the only geocaching app I know of that takes advantage of larger screens by enabling split screens and allowing a fullscreen mode on the map that removes top toolbar, notification and status bars. I haven't tested it on a Chromebook.
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