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  1. This morning I noticed it is very difficult to get the normal website, geocaching.com to open. Typing geocaching.com into chrome or picking it from my previous website list makes the app open. Even the links inside the app that say "open in browser" no longer work. They just reopen the app. The only way I could get it to actually open the website is by going to the samsung internet browser.
  2. I am also still having problems with this. Version 7.1.0 Android 8.0.0
  3. I have been getting error 500 when I try to delete images from trackable logs on the website. I have been getting this glitch for about a month. I accidentally uploaded a photo with the code and was trying to delete it. I have also accidentally uploaded double of the same image I've tried to delete. It asks if I would like to the delete the photo, I click yes, and it brings me to the error page. Only way to fix it atm is to delete the whole log and re log it. This happens in chrome browser and normal browser. Even clicking desktop version of the website does not help. Version 7.1.0 Android 8.0.0 samsung SM-G930T
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