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Anyone know what this is?


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1 hour ago, cerberus1 said:

That looks like a David Blaine token (to me).    :)


I'd bet that's it!  I was thinking it's a spade like from a deck of cards, and that the symbol was the letters "db"  or "qp".   So it's something like a souvenir coin.  I'm a little surprised it would have no inscription (I dunno, "Copyright Blaine Magic Productions" or something) unless it's part of some other object or game or set.


As to how it got into an Ontario cache (I'm guessing that's where it was found), he had a show in Toronto, last July.




It seems like an odd thing by itself (as opposed to being a keychain or even a pendant).  Maybe the coin is a piece from a "magic trick you can do at home"?


Yet even now I can't seem to find any such token or coin online.


I found a picture of David Blaine and Rainbow Dash, but I'm not sure it's authentic.




I highly doubt that's the real Rainbow Dash.



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26 minutes ago, Aquaflame13 said:

Yep I couldn’t find anything online and there is absolutely noting inscribed. I even looked with a magnifying glass to be sure. The closest best possibility is kunarion’s David Laine theory. ? I thought it was a sore myself. 


Actually, that was cerberus1's David Blaine  theory....  ;)

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