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2 hours ago, niraD said:

The "Contact Us" links on the site take you here:


Then click "Can’t find what you need? Contact us." to expand the contact form. For the "What can we help you with?" select list, the "Appeals" option is probably the best bet.

Unless the issue is not about a cache publication. Then "Geocacher disagreement" might be more appropriate. 

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You could also think of a cache wich was recently published in your are, scollt the log down all the way and klick the name of the reviewer hwo publishes this chache. Then message her via message center or use the contact information provided in most reviewers profil pages.

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5 hours ago, hzoi said:


I'll bite.  What for?


That occurred to all of us, but that wasn't the OP's question.


Could be a non-caching issue entirely...maybe an interpersonal issue.  Or perceived unresponsiveness.  Best scenario is probably for a moderator to contact her offline...even though forum participants crave the details.

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