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  1. Events are not counted by the "find bad logs" tool in Project-GC. At least no owned events. I hosted 28 events so far and attented 27 of them (yea, I know, should be 100% according to guidelines, but things happen). Bot only 1 cache comes up with finds on owned caches. And this cache I´ve found prior to adoption. So yes, adoption is the only way one can acquire a "legit" find on owned caches (in my oppinion). @bones1 you may check your self using this link: https://project-gc.com/Profile/FindBadLogs?profile_name=bones1&submit=Filter
  2. @IceColdUK Sure, what ever, could be. It´s just data. And I´m saying that these finds are not countaed in the found by CO statistic. And yes, this numers meade my eyes roll. Maybe unjustyfied, but they do. Woun´t dig deeper.
  3. Oh, one thing to add: This top 20 do not take account of your 72 duplicate find logs on GC45CC and your 24 other duplicate found logs nor of your 19 owned caches you´ve miraculously found
  4. You can see your top 20 CO´s by using Project-GC.com Close to the bottom of your profile stats you´ll find this:
  5. Hmmmm..... like GC4Y977? 1000 T5 Challenge? Why not making a challenge challenging?
  6. My goals: Hosting at least 2 events. That's about it. I'm kind of done with Geocaching
  7. Wasn´t the thread about why not to give FP´s?
  8. I rather think it´s time to get rid of the remaining ones. I came across some, where the online availeability was long gone and people loged selfies instead Yes, I also had great fun with a few, but I feel it´s not realy a geocaching thing any more. There´s no real task with it. It´s easy to temper, I mean you could randomly take a screenshot from any webcacm and claim that you are tat person with the red cap on.
  9. Sounds reasonable for the described cache. Maybe even a little under rated. But D/T distribution is well done in my book
  10. Please differerntiate specialized tools (as stated in the difficulty column) and spezialised equipment such as scuba gear ans so on (as stated in the terrain column). To remember: If the tools are provided where nedded, I´d say it´s not necessarily D5.
  11. You should specify the required specialised tools. Is it ment to solve terrain issues, like a ladder, scubba gear, climbing gera, boat...... Then the added dificulty shoud go to the T-rating. If the tools are needed to solve a special task on the cache, the extra dificulty should influence the D-rating. I read your question like this would be the case. When you provide the tool at the stage it´s needed, then I would say it´s easyer then when cachers must bring the tools by them self. Your dificulty rating should consider how hard it sould be for a average contender to solve the tasks. Will the most liukely need ours to solve an probaly attempt several times, then it´s D5. Is it fancy an unusual but easy done, it´s more like D2 or so. Short: Move the cacher = T- Rating Move the Cache = D- Rating
  12. Not necessarily I agree. But it's pretty likely. I received quite some logs with the automated "hello blabla, today I found your cache blabla, this was my found number blabla. And then a story about how they started caching or any other space text. Obvious it's just to be over 100 words.
  13. Nope, I gues they doing so to auto achieve diamond on "the Autor" batch.
  14. I "love" them too. Sometimes I get such logs on one a Cache I´ve adopted. As owner I´ve set "Spukies adopted by DerDiedler" The Auto log included the Owner name, so the Log was was something like "Hello Spukis adopted by DerDiedler...." Yea, feels verry individual and comforting
  15. Why are you opening two threads on the same exact topic with the same exact content?
  16. But still, one thing is better about imperial units. No decimal unit is named as cute as poppeyseed
  17. My emotion- free oppinion on this: We have a game called Geocaching. This game is played on may platforms. Each platform hast they´re own rules and regulations. Some more, some less strict. The platform we are discussing here is geocaching.com, the word´s largest (and of course best ) provider. This provider has not foreseen a cache to be found more then once. Once you loged a cache as found, you can not log a found again. You want to built a childs play that´s working different then the "captured" parts of the game explanided above. I mean, you can do so. Just as you can list youre Geocaches on other services. But that´s just working with your owned caches. And of cours there is no guarantee that this child play is appreciated by co-players of the original game. I don´t get the point of achivin badges or so, only made up for me. But I´m a little older then 5 and I don´t have kids as well. So yea, go for it if you find a way without affecting the original game.
  18. I like Wherigos as well, but still fail some time. The most fun one I´ve ever tried spit me out two times. No Idea why. Maybe my solution was not creative enough, I was a bid nub, or the cartridge had an error for one of the many posible ways to solve the task. In your case I see some possibilities. The Co-Cachers hardware might have worked diferently and thought they already are in the target area by error. Then there are apss to forge youre location. That would be one way to "excelerate". The of course you could excelerate your self by car, or bike, or Segway or what ever. But warning, I did WIG´s where the covered distance was not counting when going to fast Oh, Edit: Don´t be enchouraged by this experiance. There are many more. WIG´s are great fun!
  19. I´m even finding a "geocachers bag" obscure. I just want to cache along, where ever I am, where ever I go. Evereything more then a pen is and I don´t want to carry a rucksack load of gatchets with me all the time.
  20. Zombie thread revived Mine is a drunken verbal error by a friend who wanted to call me stupid.
  21. Looking for the "available in winter" attribute might help, but it´s not a garantie that one will find the cache. I encountered many available in winter caches while skitouring without any chance to find them. Meters of snow were covering GZ. A hint "under bench" is just funny when riding 3 meters of snow. Some owners just judge wrong or underestimate under what conditions some people go for caches. I´ve also found available in winter caches without a chance to log, like this solid colourfull log block of ice So, a heat gun could come in handy when youre out caching in winter time
  22. First of all, your perspective of awarding the owner by giving Favos is just one of many. Refer this thread to get a glimpse on how different people use them. I can think of people who just don´t use them at all. It´s just one feedback tool Geocaching provides, but no one has to use it. Do you use the "helpfull" or "great storry" funnction on logs you recive on your caches? Collecting Favos is a side game some people might play. But if other Geocachers don´t want to play with them, that´s totaly fine. I for my self never give Favos to PMO caches. No mater how good they are made. Why? cus I´ve choosen to do so for a reason. An no rule tells me how to handle my available Favo points or to handle them at all.
  23. Yes! Because this is far more simple then basing everything on a round number like ten. I mean everybody knows and easily calculates without further thinking that one mile equals 8 furlong. And instead of adding another stupid decimal number to be more accurate they shoud add gaunter's chain. Cuz ten (ugly ten) of them equal a furlongs. Then for even more accurately informations fathoms yard foot and inch shall do the trick. Stupid decimal stuff can't keep up with this simplicity.
  24. Wow, I´ve just tried it by my self. Found me via a google search an this came up: Then i clicked the "go to new public profile" and guess what: That´s realy unpleasant
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