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Artistic caches

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How do you all feel about artistic caches? Pretty ones, sparkly ones, story or diorama oriented ones? So far all the ones I have found have been fairly plain. Other friends who have found more than me say the same. I don't find swag. I find trash in caches mostly. So do you like finding ones that have a sculptural bent to them? I find the best part for me is figuring out the hide and then the reveal. So I have been trying to make hides that feel like sculptural treasure. I know the whole idea seems silly but I just started and am struck by all the missed opportunities in cache design and craft. Or is finding a plain film canister fine? Because I find it super boring. Only once did I find one that had some design to it and it stuck with me.

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I no longer look for roadside, guardrail, cache n dash, park n grab, whatever easy caches placed for no reason other than it's an "open spot".

It's not because they aren't "pretty" enough, it's simply because I don't understand what the CO is trying to present (why he brought me there).

 - The container is secondary.

Not a unique area, no awesome views,  "glitter up" a cache all you'd like and it's a glittery cache in an area I'm not interested in.  :)

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I can think of only one cache where I would say the container/hide itself was artistic. It was an ammo can in the woods, with decoration that looked like a miniature "fairy house". Not very well camouflaged, but it didn't really need to be, and the fairy theme was pretty cool.


Most of the caches I think of as artistic are fairly mundane hides, but their location (and in some cases, their design) calls attention to examples of public art. That isn't really the same thing the OP is asking about though.

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I love those. So far I have done plain magnetic containers with the idea that when you open it the interior is really special. Really fancy and over the top. No one has said anything positive or negative about it but where I live - Los Angeles- all the amazing view/waypoint/landmark spots are taken so I am trying to make it more interesting in my section of neighborhood where there are zero caches. 

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