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  1. I live in Keytone's area. From what I can tell Keystone does keep on top of this IF there are not Geocachers who screw it up. I've taken to going after multi-DNF caches when there are two or three of us in the car, because the extra sets of eyes often have new ideas on where to look. If we give a very serious search and don't turn something up and there are other DNFs, I suggest that the cache needs archived. Some are archived... and some, with Keystone disabling them and warning the owner, suddenly get a owner visit even though there were previous multi-DNFs w/o owner notes or maintenance. I don't know the algorithm involved, but I hope my involvement is helping the state of geocaching rather than hurting it. But here is the rub... I've had cachers complain about my suggesting that a cache needs to be archived. They would, instead, drop a replacement cache. NO!!!!! That isn't how this is supposed to work!!! The OWNER should be dealing with broken containers, missing caches, etc. Want to add some dry log to a wet cache? Fine... as long as the container itself isn't damaged. But I'd suggest writing the owner of a missing or broken cache that you desire to repair/replace and ask if you can adopt it first.
  2. Was it impossible for you to go check on the cache before you archived? Oh, wait, you own caches on multiple continents.
  3. Since the forum doesn't allow mp4s, I've uploaded this video to my share.... This was one of my favorite night-caches to find. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B99vX4AXY4cad7cq442jDMljs9xNty6g/view?usp=sharing
  4. This is my idea of a geocaching vehicle. I made this Hello Kitty Car into a "re-delivery" mechanism to drop an ammo to the top of a 72 foot railroad bridge pillar.
  5. But if I understand the OP correctly the cache hint listed the tool needed. For any cache where a return trip would be bothersome I'd recommend reading the cache description, looking at the attributes, and if at that point you know a tool is needed but don't know what tool, look at the hint.... all before leaving home. If you still don't know what tool is any you think making a return trip would be an issue maybe read the previous logs. If you're still in doubt ask yourself why you want to do that cache, especially if a return trip is going to be problem. Don't dislike a CO for creating a cache that has told you that it requires a special tool if you're not prepared to experience the "Oh god, I need to go get a golf ball" moment. My absolute favorite tool based cache is GC7EZNG (Come Prepared), which is a 5 stage multi that lists tools you may (or may not) need in the description. The list: a 9V Battery, a Flashlight, Duct Tape, Wire Coat Hanger, a Notepad, Extra Socks, a Reaching Tool, Two AA Batteries, Two Strong Magnets, a 20ft Rope, a Tin Foil Hat, a QR Scanner, Half Gallon Water(minimum), a 16ft Tape Measure(or longer), Long Tweezers, Leatherman Tool, Pen, First Aid Kit, UV Light, Magnify Glass, 6" Long Flathead Screwdriver, Long Magnet, a Small Mirror, Leather Gloves, Two 16 Penny Nails, and Safety Glasses.
  6. My wife uses a TB which she dips whenever she wants to keep a note about a cache.
  7. I've seen a number of caches that require a tool listed below D5, if the tool is commonplace, such as a smart-phone. Kayak? D5. Screwdriver on a cache named "Flathead"? Nah.
  8. I have a gadget that requires either a smart phone or a small mirror. If I revealed that one of those are needed it would be immediately obvious how to solve the cache. There are hints in the cache name and description, but most people don't make the connection until they've seen the cache. Even the official hint, which says "If you phone a friend you're using it wrong", is usually not enough for people to know HOW to use the phone and some even assume the "it" doesn't refer to the phone. Do caches that need a ladder usually include that information? I think the attribute indicating that a special tool is required is a sign that more than one visit to the cache is a strong possibility.
  9. In the past I've complained that this type of monthly souvenir is too easy to earn, but given the worldwide COVID situation needing fifteen or fewer caches in a month feels about right.
  10. Those are NOT Blah caches and they're the reason I sit on so many favorite points.... were I able to do them I'd spend a lot on them. Those are great caches. Maybe I'm in a low-quality area.
  11. I never said "just because" but throwing a favorite point at an old cache that is better than 80% of the caches I encounter is my way of marking things I'd recommend. This isn't a fight - I'm not arguing that others are doing something wrong. I am saying that it is USUALLY pretty obvious when a cache is good. Sure, people can team up to obscure this but that is something that is detectable in many cases. Are we talking in circles now? I'm starting to wonder if there is anything constructive left that has not been said...
  12. A favorite point IS a recommendation to other Geocachers to try the cache. This doesn't make most unfavorited caches bad... but special caches get favorites and we all know it. If a cache has been out for a long time and doesn't have a single favorite, there is a very high probability that it is a "blah" and if it is more I try to note that in the log. In the future I'm going to try to rectify the situation by granting a favorite, even if the cache isn't something that would reach my former recommendation threshold. From now on if I judge the cache to be Top 20% but it has no favorites that will be good enough for me to grant one. While I do not agree that lack of a favorite is a downvote, I wish more people had your attitude towards owned caches. I usually explicitly set out to build and place caches worthy of favorite points. Some are cool locations or hides, but many are more than that. And wouldn't it be a better hobby if more cache owners tried to make quality caches? Yes, it takes work. Sometimes it even takes money. But it is rewarding to get notes from people about how their dad or their daughter explicitly asks if I have any new caches out. (I've got both of these messages)
  13. How/where are you finding this? I know I do well on this scale, but want to search for others outside of my area.
  14. The reviewer may believe that the "outdoor exercise" provisions in your area do not allow travel of the type that would occur to do Geocaches. Is there a need to have them published during a lockdown?
  15. Some things that can make a cache bad: - A cache placed on privately owned without explicit permission of the landowner. FAR too many people lie about getting permission. - A cache placed on posted ground. - In a location with lots of trash. I've seen a new cache pop up in a location that was full of old broken beer bottles and within 20 feet of a rotting sleeping bag that was clearly there before the location was selected. - Lack of safe parking for a 1.5, 1.5. This could be an issue of a dangerous highway or it could be the proximity to the local meth lab. - A pill bottle shoved into the boxing glove of a guide rail with no purpose to exist. This is particularly perplexing when there are very interesting things and good hiding locations 250 feet away and no cache collisions preventing it from having been nearer to the historic monument, cool rock formation, scenic view, etc.
  16. People, people... I was using hyperbole to get people talking. Off with your heads! Lots of great points. I wish there was some way that forced people to down-vote bad caches, but really no system would work except commenting. I've left negative comments when I feel the cache does something to make caching less fun. A lot of people just TFTC and move on. Also, if the container leaks, maybe more people should enter a needs maintenance log? While I don't mind playing the bad guy on the boards to serve a conversation, I have a hard time doing this as often as I should. Or do you think we should limit the use of the "Needs Maintenance" option to extreme cases?
  17. What is the ratio of crappy caches to cool caches do you encounter? If I was King (and you'll soon be happy that I'm not) I'd make a few changes to the game. I'd limit the number of caches that can be owned in some way. The formula would take into account many things and would not limit cache creation to only those who discover hundreds of caches. Again, I'm not King. I'd probable limit the number to 5, plus 5 at the end of each full year in which you discover at least 10 caches capped at 50, plus another cache for every 10 favorites earned on caches owned. You want a lot of caches? Have them earn favorites. This is just a stab in the dark... I'm sure as King I'd have servants like you to help me refine the formula. I'd also create an ownership transfer request system that would allow active geocachers to request ownership over caches that have owners who have no maintained their caches. These would be limited in number, and caches over a certain age would be exempt. In reality, I suspect there would be little to no HQ involvement necessary. Two years without a maintenance log? Those eligible to make an ownership transfer request could trigger a warning to the owner that they have 90 days to either transfer ownership to someone else or maintain the cache. Failure to do either in 90 days would cause the cache to auto disabled and ownership would be marked as disputed. During the next 30 days the person requesting ownership or the original owner would be able to establish or reestablish ownership by either archiving or reenabling the cache. If ownership was manually transferred to someone else by the original owner during the initial 90 day period the new owner would have an additional 90 days to enter a maintenance log or the above scenario occurs. Arguments over ownership would result in a duel to the death. As King you can do things like that.
  18. Fake logs and shared codewords have run some county based geo trails out of trackable rewards, removing the ability for future geocachers to be rewarded with a trackable for actually doing the geo trial.
  19. There are under 300 caches total within 10 miles of where I live.
  20. GC86CX1 took me nearly a year to plan and execute, but a lot of that was because of the field puzzle at the final step. Still, the first part of the puzzle was more involved than anything else I've done. If you look into it, check the locations... and yes, I did it legit.
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