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Why is cacher's name linking to a different cacher?

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I'm wondering if someone could please explain this:


If you go to this cache ("Tales they could tell #1") . . .




. . . you can see the cache owner's profile-name is listed as "chestmutt."  However, if you click on "chestmutt" it links to the profile of "DreadPirateRoberts1."  At first I thought maybe the cacher had changed their name at some point (and the cache was reflecting the profile-name from the time of its creation), but if you look at how many caches "DreadPirateRoberts1" has hidden, the number is zero.  So they clearly can't be the member who created the cache listed above.  What's going on here?






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It's a bug with the adoption process that don't include them in the hides count until the new CO hides a new cache.


If you click on the Geocaches tabs in his profile you will see 5 trad and 1 multi but a total of zero.


I found the log about the adoption on the cache mentionned :




Profile photo for DreadPirateRoberts1


Write noteWrite note


Tales they could tell #1 was transferred from chestmutt to user DreadPirateRoberts1

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The "Hidden By" field on the cache submission form is fully editable - it is not tied to the account name of the user.  This feature allows for customization, like:

"Keystone and his Muggle Friend Charlie"


"Keystone, adopted from RetiredCacher"


"The Evil Hider Keystone."


Since the field is not tied to the account name, sometimes there is a discrepancy, like when the original owner changes their account name or, as here, when the cache is adopted by Cacher2 from Cacher1.  The owner would need to manually edit each cache page if they wanted to update the "Hidden by" field.

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45 minutes ago, lodgebarn said:

And it can even be part of a puzzle <_<


Yes! I OFTEN use an alias. In fact, The Chief prefers it.

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I adopted an older cache on the East coast, where the original owner moved to the west coast, but I left their names on the cache page in honor of being the ones that put it out, 10 years before I even began geocaching.  Many reason people might do it.

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