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  1. For interest I checked on an older phone (Galaxy S5) that had not played the adventure. On this phone I was able to log the activity correctly.
  2. Yes I do indeed. On reflection this is quite possibly the same issue in reverse as when labs you have not completed do not show on the app when you have hide completed set. Only this time there is no workaround available.
  3. Thanks, that is what I remembered and I can edit ones I have already completed and also I have found another one not rated where the behaviour is correct. For my most recent one SideTracked - Manchester Stations I just do not get "You". Will try logout, reinstall etc.
  4. Thanks, I did this but cannot remember how I logged activity retrospectively. From memory it used to be a simple tap on activity but that does not work anymore.
  5. I often used to create an activity log when I returned home. In the latest version I cannot seem to find a link to do this. This is on the Android app, am I missing something obvious?
  6. Title says it all. Generating a test version without "play in order" works just fine. I should add that I was testing on behalf of someone else which might be relevant.
  7. I would just like to emphasise that a sensible default plus pagination similar to the old method is essential here. More filters on an ever more complicated screen is really not the answer. Can I also add that removing white space should also be a high priority. Maybe there should also be an option of a "concise" display that favours the ability to see more items in a given space.
  8. Total disaster I am afraid. Please show my recent finds exactly the same as before. I use this feature to see if I have left the cache ok and do this by seeing that someone has found it after me. Now I get the list sorted by distance from home. No I need my most recent and including when the cache was last found and when I found it just as for the last 15 years. I really do not care what I found 10 years ago. I have no idea how a feature like this can pass any review.
  9. Yeah happy days yet more vertical space taken on the screen with useless info thus preventing the reading of useful log data. Put this on a par with those logs saying thanks in 100 languages. Not for me and please please give me an opt out. Secondly if it is really necessary for this feature to exist then just use a couple of small icons on the top line. No repeated text is really required here. At the least I would then be able to see more logs.
  10. Yes and no, these filters were to pick off specific types like Owner logs and New Caches of various types and put them in different folders. In order to avoid false positives I was filtering by the from address and subject. Using Thunderbird the filter process lacks the ability to have a list of valid addresses. However I could have been smarter and used "ends with" to just process geocaching.com at the end of address. So thanks for making me think better .
  11. Ha ha, that will teach me to change my filters too soon.
  12. I would agree all of your comments and a great summary of the current status. The main problem I have had is temporary issues with the app locking up when mobile coverage is flaky. I think more work definitely needs to be done with remembering where you are on the app screens, specifically which lab you were doing. The app seems to take ages trying to reload all local labs and takes an age to time out which is very frustrating. As to whether they are good or bad the jury is out for me but it certainly allows you to be taken to loads interesting locations that would not be suitable for a physical box. One question for me is whether the number of ALs should be limited. Also in the current troubled times I find it great to be able to get out and find some "caches" without the physical boxes. I am certainly against trying to over complicate in the future. Keep it simple and get the basics working should be the only priority.
  13. What I don't get is the need to put symbols there in the first place we all know the format by know I reckon without degrees and minutes symbols i.e. N51 23.200 W 1 42.000. Keep it simple and problems like this just will not happen.
  14. Thanks for the quick fix. I was out in the big wide world this afternoon when it all went pear shaped. Recovered just in time for me to complete the set I was working with before I had to head home.
  15. I have a cache that was a small box in a dead end gap between two fences. It went missing, I replaced it with another box. A few days later gone again. Third time lucky I replaced with a bison on the fence and it is still there.
  16. I am and I do find it amusing, along with other similar unintended consequences I may have perpetrated during my career. Now the key measure of an organisation is how quickly it is resolved, not that it happened in the first place.
  17. I have been playing with the new search screens recently while holed up at home. I have 2 issues with the Limit Search To.... list box. 1. The ordering is reverse alpha numeric. This is counter intuitive all similar lists on the internet are sorted in alpha numeric order. 2. If I do a partial search e.g. United then ordering is lost and becomes random, this should maintain alphabetic order.
  18. Brilliant all good now, many thanks for the quick fix.
  19. I am running the same type of api call as have done for the past few months. For instance Other, State West Midlands. Sort descending, Get 250 caches. I can see the API call has the correct sort order at the end &Sort=id- but I am always being returned the earliest caches not the most recent. This was working fine yesterday. A resolution would be most welcome. Thanks
  20. The headline point was "making it more convenient" i.e. a benefit for everyone. In my world it is common to maintain existing functionality when doing radical changes. Experience suggests that Groundspeak like to do the exact opposite, thus end up upsetting existing users. Moreover this is done without any initial communications and seemingly without a care in the world. We are surely used to this approach by now.
  21. It all started out about protecting key data like Address, Email, Phone, Financial info which I totally agree with. There is no way on this earth that logging a cache forms part of this. Organisations are encouraged to be paranoid and invent ever more ridiculous ways to make you click more buttons. And let me also add that the more sites you keep havng to click buttons for the less likely you are to read anything just click it to make the pain go away.
  22. This whole topic would be a good motivating factor for giving up completely, what a fuss about finding a few boxes for fun. Highlights how rubbish the modern world has become.
  23. The world has gone completely bonkers, every web site I visit nowadays has a cookie button to click, drives me nuts. Now we have all these extra restrictions added by big brother on a whim, a very extreme interpretation driven by fear. As far as I know nothing in GDPR or anything else forbids sharing stuff I have willingly posted as a log. It mostly relates to personal data such as emails, phone numbers etc etc. Also how many companies make radical changes at New Year during the holiday period. Most organisations forbid changes at such a time. Finally how did we survive 5 years ago without this so called "protection". It is just a game folks that is sadly turning into a sinister business.
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