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Clever Jar Hides

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I have found a couple of really neat PB jar caches and was looking for some more ideas for hides like this. The urban caches are the ones that particularly fascinate me. Something about hiding a larger cache in an urban area is interesting, the ones that you spot after a bit of searching and think "What the heck, how did I miss THAT?" 


I know that PB jars are used mainly in the woods so it would be good to see some urban ones popping up.

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I wouldn't be too thrilled seeing anything much bigger than a preform in many urban areas, in case it's found  (that, "it's a bomb !" thing...).

Remembered this thread from March too.


We've only found a handful of pb jars in the "woods".  Most we found were placed by new people (thinking it a good container) in small parks. 

Popular by location maybe.  :)

We made some for a friend with jar opener material (freebie stuff) glued to the lid for a gasket.  Worked for a while I guess... 


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I did a pb jar hide by a favorite fishing hole. Away from the river itself, I tangled up some fishing line in a tree and had a bobber tied to another bit of line, with a counter weight on it. You had to raise up the counter weight to the bobber height. From there, the line went to the pb jar, which was higher up in a different nearby tree. You had to pull up the counterweight and then the jar would lower so you could get it to sign. It worked for about a year before lazy people tore up the system. Now it is just in a crotch up the tree. :( 

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11 hours ago, Schirf said:

This gadget has 4 small PB jars in the container.  One contains the log, one is marked for TBs, and the others are for swag. Note that the pole it is attached to is owned by the property and no longer has any lines running to it.



Looks interesting; what's the gadget?

I see the pic, but what parts do you manipulate?

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On 8/17/2018 at 1:14 PM, J Grouchy said:

I've had a PB jar hidden for over 4 years and it still has a perfectly preserved log sheet.  Granted, it's only been found a handful of times because it's a puzzle...but it's held up very well over the years considering I'm in a pretty hot and humid climate.

we hid a pb jar in a giant stump  - the stump was obliterated by a massive river flood - the jar was found near the coords perfectly fine and dry inside - we like pbs because there is room for swag and bigger sized trackable fobs

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