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Need help coming back to geocaching

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It's been a while since I did any serious geocaching but recently I've started to do a little more. My computer has been changed a couple of times in the intervening period and some of the 'stuff' I used to have/use on the old one has been lost. I've re-installed MemoryMap and GSAK and they seem to still work... hooray!!

I remember that 'back in the day' I used a set of custom icons created by "Lordelph" but no longer have them on my current PC. There's a little old information on the 'web' but the links on those old pages all seem to be broken.

Can anyone tell me if those custom icons are still available and if they are... give me any guidance as to where to find them and how they are installed?

Or are there any similar alternatives?

Thanks very much


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Hey John, good to know you’re still around. I don’t cache much these days and can’t be bothered with all the fancy stuff we used to use.

I only came here today as I was a bit miffed that a vintage  virtual cache of mine (and favourite of many) has just been archived. ?


Hey ho. 

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Good to see a couple of old time Cachers. Still got my memory map from way back when. Still works good. 

Cant say I’ve been inspired to cache find recently. Only just returned and things have CHANGED. Always kept my virtuals alive due to their rarity nowadays. 

I enjoy a really good puzzle cache these days. Something to get my teeth into. Did one a few years back now. Am planning on getting my walking boots out again, once my ankle and pelvis fractured are healed. Hope the weather will stay until then. 

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I thought I was Spartacus... :)

Talking of virtual caches.... I was gobsmacked when I got an email telling me that I'd been awarded one of the new 'reward' virtuals. I'd not set any new caches for quite a while so it took a little thought. Happy to say that it has been well received.  (GC7B687)

Some of you 'older' cachers may remember the location from way back in 2003 when under the collective name of "The Grockles"...  Omally, HiTek and I set up the "Grockles Gumbo" series of caches. "Gumbo North:Epitaph for an Unknown Woman (GCH7X8)" used information from the same location.

Anyway... Happy to hear that some of you at least are still with us...

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Well I never!  There's some old names from the past here...

I stopped using the Forums ages back but Sue and Bernie have been plodding away up in deepest Norfolk.  Finding a couple of celebratory caches this week prompted me (Bernie) to pop back for a look and here's the Old Timers' Corner.


I use the rMMe macro to place the classic "Lord Elpht's" icons straight into Memory-Map from GSAK.  I call the macro from the "Export>Memory-Map screen.  Works a treat!


I've learned to exploit GSAK more over the years (though I still only scratch the surface).  My favourite facility is the ability to filter out a set of common "Not Found" caches which, when pumped into MM, show good caching areas for you and friends.

I've also recently learned to use the "Publish Logs" facility.  I'd tried before but the "Fetch from GPS" option never worked with my Montana.  That unit had to be replaced when I wore a hole in the cashing where the on/off switch is located.  Had to send it to Garmin for a refurbished replacement.


"Fetch" worked with the "new" Montana I got from Garmin so I've now worked out how to bulk upload logs (each with common and individualised text), and at the same drop "Field Notes", typed into the Montana at each find, back into GSAK "User Notes".  Brilliant!


After that, I run a very neat macro from the "KIa Team" to copy the posted find/DNF/whatever log back into "Log Section" in GSAK.  Wow!


I still spend time composing the templates for the day then editing and customising each log but these smart tools heavily automate the whole process and eliminate wads of cutting and pasting I used to do (for years) and all the multiple mix-ups that inevitably cropped up.  Superb!


Hats off to these clever people....

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We and PopUpPirate are back in the game. We've got new tech too ? We have licensed Memory Map on our Android phones and are able to load gpx files directly into it from email pqs. We used to use MM on our PDAs, with data extracted from GSAK prettied up with LordElphs lovely icons. We're currently trying to figure a way to have different icons for the different types of caches on our phones. Has anyone achieved this already? At the moment we've only been able to change the default icon to a geocache. ?

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Like John, Lianne and others it has been a long time!!


For a variety of reasons (mostly to do with mobility) I have not been "proper" caching for about 5 years.  A total hip replacement some 12 weeks ago has cured my mobility problems to an extent.  Mind this was my first trip out off road as it were.  The path was slightly challenging at times, but rooting around in the under growth is still next to impossible.  


I found using c:geo on my phone very frustrating at times - if I am to continue I shall have to grab my trusty Oregon back fro the lad!!


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