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Cache Trasher

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whats the best way to stop a cache trasher nicking my caches. I've been told Groundspeak can trace IP addresses from audit logs. Who do I need to contact to get this looked into. Too many of my caches are going missing literally just as soon as I've replaced them. Its not muggles as no self respecting human would steal a micro container they just stumbled across. An ammo box yes but not the containers I use. 

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Not wanting to be nasty about this, but I think your only Chance to stop this is to either Archive the Caches that are being stolen and then place a new one close by but not at the exact coordinates of the old ones, or make them all premium. Watch what happens and if they start to disappear again then I can only assume that it is a Cacher that is taking them.It is most unusual for something like this to happen, do you have a gripe with someone?

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According to terms, - https://www.geocaching.com/account/documents/privacypolicy Point B, it's tracked but i don't think they would hand out this info due to data protection of it's user base. What are you planning on doing if you got the users details? It would be hard to prove who removed it even if you knew the people looking at the cache page. 

Unethical but maybe set on up with a camera close, again not something i would do but you could have it as a sign that says CCTV is being used in this area etc.... at least your telling them they are being filmed. Just hope they don't search for the camera.

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22 hours ago, KyotoUK said:

... It would be hard to prove who removed it even if you knew the people looking at the cache page. 

I agree.   :)

We've seen issues here, where people were accused of problems with another's cache (we're one) simply because of that audit.

So many ways to bypass it these days (bookmarks, pqs,  not sure it's still so today, but just using a phone at one time...) that the person "accused" may well be the innocent one who just viewed the cache page normally.

Really surprised that Groundspeak hasn't just removed that function when it (really) no longer serves any real purpose.

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