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Creation of New Bookmark Lists

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Does the GC API support creation of a new bookmark list? If not, how is a 3rd party partner supposed to work? You need to go to the website, search/open a cache page, add it to create/prime a new list with a temporary cache and then access the list from the 3rd party partner app/site?


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Yes, "when there is a need"? There is a need when I visit the bookmark list page, a point when I don't yet have a cache to add.


Facebook's method of only creating a photo album by selecting an image to upload at the same time (especially before actually defining anything about the album) has always bugged me. Create an empty album, then let me add photos.


Same thing here.


Create and Add are two different functions, please don't merge them inextricably.

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I split off several posts discussing bookmark list functionality into their own thread. As a reminder, please limit comments in Release Notes threads to the subject matter for that Release (i.e., Draft logs, in this case).


That's fine and will continue that discussion in the other thread. Still begs the question why is such a specific website change not part of a release and communicated to the community?

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Yes, we can still use the old page, but if they move to the new page permanently, as it stands now we can't do the above.


Bookmark (sic!) this in your browser: https://www.geocachi...NewBookmarkList




...this presumes that if they retire the old page, they'll "forget" about this leftover.

Point: we are requesting that the new bookmark page includes the ability to Create a list.

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Looks like the default bookmark list page at https://www.geocaching.com/account/lists is the new version of the page. Am I missing the way to create a new list on the page or is that critical feature still missing?

I noticed this too. It didn't seem to me that anything was different about the "new" list page, so I just clicked on the "back to the old page" option in the top banner and that selection has remained 'sticky' for me.


I do hope that they will address some of the concerns cachers mentioned in the original Release Notes thread, like creating new lists, sorting, list descriptions, etc. I also hope there will be some added functionality with lists, like copying/moving caches between lists.

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The ability to add the additional columns not displayed on an iPhone or iPad doesn't work in Chrome on those devices. Works OK in Safari.

Also there appears to be more white space/placing between columns then necessary on an iPad. All the columns should fit in portrait mode without having.

Also have the developers check the column width for Caches as it seems if it's a few pixels wider that the Found text won't wrap. This wastes an entire line on the screen causing unnecessary scrolling.

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