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  1. Thanks for the advice. Fortunately the owner noticed (I wrote a note on the TB explaining my mistake) and grabbed it back. This is the first time I've mistyped a tracking code and come up with a valid trackable.
  2. I went to an event last night and wrote some tracking codes in my notebook, with asterisks beside the two I had picked up (the rest were just to discover). I thought the long gap in the history of one of them was odd, but after I grabbed it, I realized I had written down a "W" for the "M" in the code. I have now retrieved the correct TB from the event, & deleted the "grab" log from the wrong TB, but now both are in my inventory on the system. Are there any ways I can get it out of my inventory? Thanks, Adam
  3. I'm getting this too (first time I've used the message center for a while), but all the threads are showing up the phone app.
  4. Indeed! I just wish the cachers who've gone inactive would do something with the TBs they still have.
  5. Well then! Within a month after I marked it missing, someone posted an apologetic log for having held it for a couple of years without logging it, and dropped it into a cache at its first destination. (I even had my parents visit the cache to double-check.) And it's on the move again.
  6. I think this is a very good point. Not so much the negative side but rather the positive side. Encourage good behaviour for geocachers on travelbugs with a rating points. Also for caches/cacheowners: caches that help to move travelbugs fast (instead of keeping them for long time or even go missing) might get extra points. And prizes (like travel bug tags) if you have passed a very good rating mark. Well, it's not the cache owner's fault if other cachers drop TBs in a rarely found cache. One of my geocoins was dropped in a puzzle cache in Japan in October 2015 and no-one has found the cache since!
  7. Fortunately, trackable owners are not notified of dips. So that is meaningless. The dips show up in the "Last Log" column of the "Trackable Items (Yours)" page, so you can tell that your TBs are still "alive" that way.
  8. I don't understand it either. As a TB owner, I strongly prefer for people to log all the visits/dips they can on my trackables. I'm very much against mindless visits (and also discoveries) of TBs because what I like (especially as an owner but also as a holder of a foreign TB) is being able to follow the history of a trackable which completely gets lost when visits are the predominant logs. I'm interested why you prefer that your TBs are getting lots of empty visits. Would you really be a happy owner looking at the map of this TB (you must be patient opening this link ) http://www.geocaching.com/track/map_gm.aspx?ID=3031224 I admit this is an extreme case and I should better ask the TB owner which so far I haven't done. But I had some "interesting" discussions which the current holder of the TB. I see what you mean about "patient opening this link", but I'd be pleased for one of my TBs to still be "live" after 5 years with 188000+ km on it.
  9. I don't understand it either. As a TB owner, I strongly prefer for people to log all the visits/dips they can on my trackables. The tipping point for me is when someone both holds onto a TB for months and months and logs it into every single cache they visit. If someone had a TB of ours for two weeks, during which they found 20 caches and visited our TB to each one, I would have no problem. If someone had a TB of ours for two years, during which they found 10,000 caches and visited our TB to each one, I would not be OK with that. Would you see yourself anywhere on the spectrum between these two points? Or would you be OK beyond, say, someone never lets your TB go and visits it into 100,000 caches? Of course I don't want someone to keep my TB forever, but I'd prefer for someone to keep it for a few months in order to drop in a safe cache rather than dropping it in a risky one (where it's likely to get muggled or otherwise go missing) at the official two week limit. For me, the visits show that it's being cared for and they mean extra kilometers and sometimes interesting places. Most of the caches I find are too small for TB drops anyway, and I feel that it's more responsible for me to leave someone else's trackable in a safe-looking caches rather than the first large enough one I find. The visits seem to fill in the history between suitable caches.
  10. I don't understand it either. As a TB owner, I strongly prefer for people to log all the visits/dips they can on my trackables.
  11. Thanks (everyone else too) for the information. I guess I feel I should mark it missing because I find it disappointing when I expect to find a TB in a cache but it isn't there.
  12. Hi, Is there any reason for me not to use the "mark item missing" option on my own trackable that has been the subject of a "not seen in XXX cache" log? If it turns up later, can it become un-missing? Thanks.
  13. You can access your watchlist and favorites from the right sidebar of your dashboard page. You'll find Lists about midway down, just below Premium Features. Aha, thanks!
  14. Just wondering why the new version of the lists page doesn't show my watchlist or favorites? As far as I can tell, the only way to view them is to click the "back to the old page" link.
  15. The new lists page doesn't show my existing "Watchlist" or "Favorites" --- I have to click "back to the old page" to see those. Why?
  16. That's very useful, and there aren't any archived spots in the park I'm interested in. Thanks, everybody.
  17. Hi, Is there any way to find archived caches that you haven't already got a personal pointer (watchlist, log entry) for, either in pocket queries, searches, or on the map? There's a "blank area" I'm thinking of putting some caches in, but I'd like to see if there's any history of archived caches in it, in case there have been problems with vandalism. Thanks.
  18. Does the trackable really need to be unactivated until now, or just have no travel history? I have two TB tags in my collection that I activated when I got them, but they have 0 km and no logs on them (apart from "move to collection"), because I was saving them for TB races or similar things but didn't want to worry about forgetting or losing the activation codes.
  19. Oh, I wasn't thinking about the trackables that people never turn loose: it makes more sense for those.
  20. Hi, I've noticed several "TB drop" write-note entries in events' logs before the events happen, so the event caches are showing TBs present in advance. I guess this is a way of saying "I'm going to bring TB X to this event and hand it over there", but I don't see why you would log a drop before the event date, since you could get the TB more mileage by visiting other caches before then. What am I missing? Thanks.
  21. OK, thanks for that. It hadn't occurred to me that people might not log things for more than a week or two.
  22. Actually, I just checked on a recent event (which I unfortunately couldn't attend): it shows 86 items under "view past trackables" and nothing still left in the inventory. Is that unusually good? How does dropping a trackable at an event work? Is there a big bowl people put them in and take them out of?
  23. I haven't been to an event yet, but is it possible and OK to log such a trackable as visiting an event? Yes, you can log a "visit" for the event. That's okay. Just don't let it out of your hands. What we are saying is that "dropping" a trackable into an event, and leaving it for someone else to "retrieve" is where the trouble starts. Check out any recent events near you. Is the event over for more than a week or two? Are there still trackables listed in the inventory? That makes sense, thanks. The idea of dropping a trackable at an event sounded pretty flakey to me anyway!
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