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WV geocachers (Are you out there)

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Help a New Guy Please.....


I joined geocaching.com a good while ago, but just went to find my first cache this morning. No luck. icon_frown.gif Now I can't find the cache listed at all on here. Does anyone know anything about Steps of Daniel Boone (N38 19.833 W081 35.000). If you don't mind I would really appreciate the help

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Yup, I was looking for that one on my last trip to WV and couldn't find it. When I returned I discovered that it has been archived. There are a lot of good caches in WV though, and some are even as easy as the Daniel Boon was was supposed to be. Probably a bit far, but check out mine called "Aloha Lockwood".




"No amount of success in the office can make up for failure at home. A character is a terrible thing to waste."

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Hey I appreciate the feed back. Was hoping I didn't suck at this sport that bad. LOL. I tried this one first because it was within walking distance of my home. icon_confused.gif People really have little to do if they steal from their own sports huh???? Well thank you for the help. Maybe I will run into some of you on the cache chase. Would be way cool. I think I will be after the one at Woodrum's lake next. Maybe 01-01-03, good way to start a new year with a new hobby.

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From the topic posted I thought I'd add my name in. I've been caching for 7 months and the number of WV caches has grown from 84 to 118 in that time frame. I got my mom and my daughters into the sport. I've lost track of all the state parks and wildlife management areas I've visited since starting. You'd think that this sport would rule in WV due to it's geography/scenery, but it'll catch on. Cache's I'll recommend for starting out:

It's a ...

Hometown Family

Panther's Lair

Wine Cellar


Good luck and email me if you need any advice about any specific caches. With any luck, you'll run into the 2 living legends of WV caching, Man In The Wild and Elijomikmini...



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Thanks for recommending Hometown Family Picnic Cache for a starter cache, MikeDX. I wish I could mention our A Cache From The Past since it was similar to Steps of Daniel Boone, but it's gone as well (twice.) I don't think any geocacher took the caches--probably someone else that visited the site to see what to remove, but I wouldn't call them a geocacher...


When I first checked the site in April (?) 2001, there were two caches in WV. When I joined, there were 9 thanks to Cache Potatos wonderful caches. It's great to see so many more caches around here now. Maybe if we have a picnic/whatever, we'll come up with some great new ideas for caching in WV.


Oh... I missed that last part. I didn't know I was a living legend. icon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by Bookworm3:

Hi All,


I have checked this forum a couple of times and I am glad to see some WV cachers talking. I usually go caching with my two sons and my dog.


Hi WV...

I'm the guy that left the pictures and the TB "Man in the Wild" in the cache there. Do you know the park well? I think I remember a couple of miles of trails being out there. My sister lives in Parkersburg. I'll be visiting again soon. Maybe we can hike in the area.


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Charter Member posted January 15, 2003 07:08 PM


Property Rights and tresspassing


Hi Folks,


Anyone know how to search the property deeds for an area? I need to know the coordinates for a place in Kanawha County. Can anyone do this? or do you need to be a lawyer or real estate agent?

You can go to the county court house and go into the deed room and search for the records for the property in question. As long as it is a public record!!!!!!!

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Hey guys,


Another newbie here, Just got my legend @christmas but so far I love it. No caches found yet but wait till the weather breaks...YEEHAAA.


I see that Mikedx is from Lincoln CO. what part?? I grew up at Ranger...Lived there from 1979 to 1987, Best years of my life. Graduated from Guyan Valley in '86 maybe I know you or at least some kinfolk. Looking forward to placing some caches in this area(Logan)and finding a few to. Hope to see you all on the trail.


Tim Shell

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