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  1. Anytime is good for me except saturday morns..Wife works till 11:30 every saturday. If it's in the afternoon hours it should be no prob. I can try to help out with the shelter money also. Hope to meet everybody there. Also Mr. DX can you please email me at tvsads@ntelos.net I have an Idea for the event which may interest you. Yeeehaaaaa!!!
  2. Sounds Great!! I will be there, Looking forward to meeting everyone and "shootin the breeze" with all of you. I'll be the tall 30 something with lots of grey hair! Two kids and 14 years of marriage will do that to a man.
  3. Hey guys, Another newbie here, Just got my legend @christmas but so far I love it. No caches found yet but wait till the weather breaks...YEEHAAA. I see that Mikedx is from Lincoln CO. what part?? I grew up at Ranger...Lived there from 1979 to 1987, Best years of my life. Graduated from Guyan Valley in '86 maybe I know you or at least some kinfolk. Looking forward to placing some caches in this area(Logan)and finding a few to. Hope to see you all on the trail. Tim Shell
  4. Hey guys, I don't want to "butt in" or give the impression that I condone piracy in any way but a great way to try out these products is to download the full version. I have downloaded Garmin Mapsource from a popular file sharing service and found it is not what I wanted or expected from this product, So I did not buy it, hence I saved over $100 dollars and I deleted it. Might as well it was useless. I am downloading other Garmin products as we speak and will evaluate them. If they meet my needs and expectations I will spend the extra cash that I saved earlier to support Garmin and their quality products. Just a thought. Sorry So Long and my apologies if I offend anyone. Thanks
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