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NJ Geocaching Association?


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Some people have spoken about forming a social group, but most people here don't see a need for a formal geocaching org at this time.


One person made a serious effort to start one. The first meeting was someplace like Wildwood. He eventually got caught with his pants down doing some questionable things on this website and hasn't been heard from since.


People are forming a NY Metro Area assn. See Dboggny's posts here. That would include northern NJ.


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IN Feb. there were three NJ cachers that really wanted to form a group. They were pretty new to caching and very excited. 2 of them haven't hunted a cache in months and haven't logged into GC.com in a month. The other was found to be creating sockpuppet accounts to show the rest of NJ that people wanted a group.


This was after most of the NJ cachers that post to the forums gave their reasons for not wanting a group. There are events and there's always a good chance you'll run into someone while out hiking.


The main problem I saw was that they wanted to be the liason to NJ state parks. The idea was dropped after a few local cachers figured out about the sockpuppets.


Dboggny has started a local NYC/Northern NJ. group page. I know him well enough to know he doesn't want to make any kind of rules and he's not trying to become an admin. It seems he is just looking for us to bring food to a picnic so he can eat for free. icon_wink.gif



Nobody can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.

Sydney J. Harris

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Originally posted by Harrald:

I It seems he is just looking for us to bring food to a picnic so he can eat for free. icon_wink.gif

We can do that? I'm starting a group! I'm starting a group!


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Just to clarify... and not step on anyone's toe's. Dboggny has ultimate say in all matters for NYCMAGG. ::What a guy:: <g> icon_smile.gif

But in my opinion we could use someone from each place we represent to Admin that perticular area's Message board. I will discuss it with DboggNY, but untill then if your interested please send me some feedback.



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The above site is what was formed several months ago. It is an inactive static site.


If you are truly interested in the issue, read these threads:

Is there a NJ Geocaching group?

NJ Geocaching Association?

Logo design - NJ Geocaching Association

Central Jersey Get together?

NJGA - why?

NJGA - organizational style

Whats up with the NJGA

Fake Cacher in S.Jersey?

Now what?? Do We Start Our Own???

The logbooks don't LIE!!!


There are probably a few others that have slipped by my foggy memory. Anyhow, after reading the above, one should have a pretty good idea of the issues with forming a group in NJ annd the of the issues that surrounded the group that was formed.





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Originally posted by Muslickz+Blubeanzz (MZ-BB):

We at NYCMAGG intend to have coverage over Northern NJ. <<SNIP>>


Here we go again



Nobody can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.

Sydney J. Harris

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just to make a quick comment. I am just trying to get the ball rolling here on a social group that covers our are. NYC, northern NJ, southern NY sate, Long island and Southern CT. I figure that a tri state area group would be better, then just a nyc group since the portions of states that come together to form the "tri state area" identify as much if not more with that then they do with their respective states (I know NYC identifies with the "tri state area" more then it does with "upstate" ny). this group is not inteded to be anything more then a social group that gets together, hangs out, eats good food (free for me), drink some beer if we can and goes caching together. The group, at this point is just that. Later, the members can do what they want with it. There is no intention to take the place of any state organizations but to be an entity in and of it self which can work with any state org. thanks for reading.


SR and dboggny.



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