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Boat oriented cache sites?

Guest jaeger

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Guest jaeger

I see that the Garrett Island cache has to be accessed by boat. Are there other ones that need to be accessed by water? As an avid sailor this idea appeals to me.


Is there any interest in this? I might create some if there is. It would be a nice diversion to go hunt a cache at great achorage on a sailing trip.




BTW: I tried to post on this topic yesterday but it didn't show up. Sorry for the duplicate if both show up.

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Guest cache_ninja

there are 3 here in NYC that are boat only, i put on in MA (pittsfield), i can post specific urls, let me know if you want and ill look em up.

someone kyacked to one of my caches, but he didnt have to..

boat caches are great fun, a good idea


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Guest Maluso

I recently planted Merlin's Quest at a very popular boating destination in the St. Lawrence River. The island is part of Canada's St. Lawrence River National Park and it's quite close to U.S. launching spots.



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Guest Irishmike3032

I am also quite new to Geocaching and have wondered the same thing myself. After reading this fourm I think I will plant (or at least plan) a water-cache today. Look for it soon in Central NJ "THE JERSEY SHORE"

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I am new to caching (one find, but only had the GPS for a week!).


Already thinking of placing my first cache, and I think #1 will be on an island in the Susquehanna river. Probably going out this weekend to scout

a placement. I am thinking one of the rock islands just South of the Holtwood dadgum. Acessable by canoe, kayak, and small boat if careful. Not TOO far from a decent public ramp.

Rocky, so care must be taken.


I have the container and contents put together, just need to label it and purchase a lob book.


Look for the cache in the coming months.

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The best boat related cache I know of is Paintrock Intruder by Doug Admontis in Tennessee.

It's on an island on Watts bar lake in the middle of a wildlife refuge. You will see many sea birds and numerous local wildlife. The island is aprox. 40 acres(big for this area), and is home to a great number of animals. Check it out!



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I'm brand new to Geocaching (only one find to date) but I've got a place in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. That's the peninsula of land between the Potomac and Rapahannock Rivers. It is bordered on the East by the Chesapeake Bay. Water, water everywhere! I have a kayak and a power boat so I'm going to get busy making caches in the area that are accessible only by boat.


I would appreciate any input and/or advice that anyone would like to share about getting started. I know.... I know.... I'm reading the forum too. :o

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I would appreciate any input and/or advice that anyone would like to share about getting started. I know.... I know.... I'm reading the forum too. :unsure:

Hey, welcome to the group, Snailman!

You seem to be on the right track already ... reading, caching, searching old posts that interest you: you are coming at this with a great attitude.

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