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  1. Have your friend visit a cache called "weekdays", and he can pick you up a gps in the process.
  2. Maybe this is old, but just now I noticed that when I click on "My Cache Page", not only are logs to geocaches listed, but there also is a list of "Benchmarks Found". Is this new?
  3. A Google search provided lots of pages. See this link.
  4. There a cache near us placed at a plane wreck. Hope to make it to it soon.
  5. This topic brought back memories of a thread on the old boards concerning the force. We usually use the same methods as everyone else describes, finding that using the bearing function on the GPS combined with a magnetic compass gets us right there.
  6. This web page has been posted before, but well worth another mention.
  7. A fairly comprehensive list was started over on the old boards, hereit is.
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