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my first geocache hide


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Yes, your cache should be in place and ready to be found at the time you submit your listing to be reviewed. Sometimes caches are published within minutes or hours of submission, so be prepared! If for any reason your cache container isn't in place, highlight this prominently in your Reviewer Note, or delay submitting until you're ready.


This is covered in the Listing Guidelines:

Geocache must be in place before you enable the listing

Your cache should be in place and ready to be found at the time your cache listing is enabled online. If the cache is not ready for seeking, disable your cache listing so that it won't appear in the review queue and post a Reviewer Note explaining special circumstances, such as awaiting permission from a land manager.

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hi i have put out my first geocache to be reviewed but do i put the cache itself out in the spot.


Thanks please answer soon :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Well worth taking the time to read the guidelines.

Then re-read them.

Then have another read.


Saves a lot of time, and heartbreak, should the reviewer say "No" as there is a guideline issue. :D


Good Luck!



Notice you are in the UK.

It's also worth reading https://wiki.Groundspeak.com/display/GEO/United+Kingdom as this comes under Groundspeaks "Local Laws apply" section of their guidelines.

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YES! When you submit your cache for approval you are confirming that is in place and ready to be found. It says so right next to the submittal button. Depending on how hard core the cachers are in your area, they may be out the door heading for your cache within minutes of publication.


If for some reason your reviewer denies your listing, he/she should tell you what the problem is so you can go address it. If the problem can't be resolved and is ultimately denied, you will have to go out and retrieve your container.

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I'd hate to have to go out after they'd been published to add their numbers to the log.
Well, for one thing, there is no requirement that the GC code be on the log (or on the cache).


And for another, according to the guidelines, the cache owner is responsible for visits to the physical location. So apart from whether the GC code needs to be on the log, you should consider whether you will be able to go out to the cache location when maintenance is needed.

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I have a question re. placing a cache. At what point are you given GC numbers for caches? I'm assuming it's before publishing. I'd hate to have to go out after they'd been published to add their numbers to the log.


Easily solved by creating the page before you go out to place the cache, Disable the Listing so that it doesn't appear in the Review Queue and accidentally get Published.


I do this with most of my cache placements so that I can include the GC number in the logbook and outside of the container.

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What the rest said....as soon as you create the cache listing the GC code is assigned to it.....the listing will show up in your profile under "Your Unpublished Caches". You can go back to your listing and edit it as often as you like, add pictures, adjust coordinates, etc Only when you click the Submit button does it go into your reciewer's queue.

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I see you have your answer, but this reminds me of our first cache placement. We thought we needed confirmation first and a number. Submitted and waited. We were leaving town the next day so I took the family to the park while I placed it, just in case. About 5 minutes later, we got the email it was published. I thought it was magic how the reviewer "knew" it was ready :P


A few minutes after that email, came a second one, letting me know someone had already snagged the FTF claim! Whew!

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